Accountable,Traceable & 100% Transparent - Leaflet Distribution in London.

Leaflet distributors in London for The Good Earth

Welcome to The Private Postman, the specialists in leaflet distribution in London. Founded in 2009, we now deliver 23 Million leaflets a year to London's 90 most affluent post codes. In total we offer 260 routes, each of which has been individually optimized to provide maximum value for our clients in terms of engaging with affluent customers in London. These routes are serviced by a core team of 45 operatives, all of whom have passed our TPP-specific training to ensure that they are capable of delivering each leaflet perfectly every time.


An Industry First The TPP Mercury System. 100% Transparent

We have introduced the TPP Mercury System so that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing; you can be kept informed of who is undertaking leaflet distribution in London on your behalf and where they are. You will be sent this information as soon as the relevant operative starts their delivery round. In addition to helping you keep track of the progress of your leafleting campaign, the TPP Mercury system also allows you to carry out unannounced spot checks.

This allows estate agents to check on empty houses and means that anyone can check on houses belonging to their staff, family or friends. We are quite happy for you to arrive, unannounced, to see us at work any time you wish.

The system is designed to be accessible to people on the go so it can be used on mobile devices without substantial data charges. It is fully compatible with all smartphones including Windows Phones and Blackberries. Access to the TPP Mercury system is provided free, upon request, to all TPP customers.

TPP - Design, Print & Our Leaflet Design Consultation Service

TPP 'Pre Going To Press Leaflet Consultation Service'

What is of equal importance is knowing what works best in terms of leaflet design. The Private Postman now offers a ‘Pre Going to Press Leaflet Consultation as part of our service. This service has saved some of our clients thousands of pounds in lost sales, print and distribution costs, all of which would have gone to waste. There is a secret to how things need to look and need to work.    

We are also pleased to announce that we are now offering print and design services for your leaflets and flyers. Our highly experienced, professional team with over 25 years of commercial design and direct marketing experience are on hand to advise, design, refine and print your leaflets to get the best return on your distribution investment - our design team are experts at maximising response to ensure that your leaflet is both remembered and acted upon. There is a secret to how things need to work with a door to door leaflet - we are here to get that right for you.

  • Our costs are extremely competitive with 5000 A5 flyers coming in at around £120 to print and £120 +£250 to print and design, including a minimum of 2 concepts based on your text. Ask about our design and print services today and we'll make sure they get your message.

Leaflet Distribution Experts for Regular Weekly and Monthly Clients.

Leaflet distributors in London
We have become the trusted partners of our regular clients, who have confidence in us to meet their most demanding needs with integrity and professionalism week after week, month after month, year after year. Whether they come to us as new start-ups or seasoned professionals, we are ready to offer advice on strategy, planning and design to help them get the most out of the leaflet delivery campaign in London. Please get in touch and Mark Redmond will personally come to visit you to help you create the most effective leaflet distribution campaign for your needs.

Rigorous Quality Monitoring and Back-Checking

The Private Postman was the first company in the UK to use GPS to keep track of leaflet distribution in London. In 2009 it was an industry revolution. Even today it is at the core of our quality-monitoring system.We also employ full-time, experienced human back-checkers to undertake regular daily checks of each delivery route to ensure that all work is undertaken to The Private Postman’s demanding standards. All our back-checkers are former operatives who are familiar with the routes they check. This means that they know all the “out of the way” letterboxes in basement flats and attic conversions and climb up and down the stairs to get to them.

The Private Postman's Perfect Delivery Promise

The Private Postman guarantees you that each and every one of your leaflets will be delivered in impeccable condition. In other words they will arrive perfectly smooth without folds, creases or tears. We take several steps to achieve this. Firstly our operatives only deliver in daylight. This means that they can visually check each leaflet as they do their round and remove any which have been delivered to us in an unacceptable condition. Secondly we allow our operatives enough time to do these checks. Thirdly we only deliver leaflets in dry weather. Delivering leaflets in the rain practically guarantees that they will be damaged before they've even reached the letterbox.

To avoid this we keep each of our rounds to a size that can be completed in a maximum of 4 hours (2 or 3 is more usual) and we only assign operatives work near to where they live. This means that if need be they can do their deliveries in breaks in the weather, which means that generally they can work most days even in autumn and winter. On the rare days when there is literally non-stop rain, we suspend deliveries. We'd rather do this than provide a bad service. Finally each agent is taught the specific techniques we have developed to deliver any leaflet through any letterbox and have it arrive on the other side in perfect condition.