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Why Choose Us?

Every Private Postman has been personally trained by our founder and MD Mark Redmond. Mark himself has 10 years of service with Royal Mail and he has used this experience to design the best leaflet distribution system available.

Our business is Trust -Some of our 70+ Strong team Of Private Postmen

Nick – 41

4 years with TPP
North London Expert

Dmitri – 38

4.5 years with TPP
South & West Expert

Faisal – 39

2 years with TPP
North West Expert

Christine – 49

2 years with TPP
North London Expert

Mr. Parmar

6 years with TPP
35 years Royal Mail

Leaflet delivery tracking

Best tracking in the industry

We combine traditional GPS tracking with our exclusive TPP Mercury System offering a level of transparency unrivalled in the industry.

You will be informed in real-time when, where and by whom your leaflets are being delivered. All of our clients are also provided with high resolution GPS files as proof of delivery after each campaign is finished.

Best workers in the industry

Best workers in the industry

Our Private Postmen are carefully selected, trained, supervised and motivated to provide the best overall leafletting service available.
Best quality of delivery

Best quality of delivery

We ensure that all leaflets are delivered in pristine condition. Unlike other companies we undertake no work in adverse weather conditions that could damage the material. The leaflets are never folded.


We deliver with two other non- competing clients’ at the same time. We deliver as follows:

1 Leaflet for 1 bell

2 leaflets for 2 bells

And a Max of 3 leaflets for 3 bells or more:

Solo or shared delivery

What’s most effective, Solo or
Shared delivery?

Some of our clients occasionally ask about ‘solus’ or ‘solo’ distribution where only one leaflet is being delivered at a time.

It is important to consider that even if only one leaflet is delivered through the letterbox it is almost inevitable that there will be other leaflets and letters delivered by other companies either before or after your leaflet has hit the doormat.

Hence your leaflet will always be seen in conjunction with other leaflets. Most ‘Solo only’ leaflet distribution companies’ start their rounds at 8am, and therefore nullifying the effects of solo delivery.

This shows that there is no advantage to using solo delivery. Your flyers will get covered over by others during the day. That’s why 90% of clients choose our shared delivery.

Our Delivery Times

The Private Postman operates the best shared delivery service in London. We share your leaflets only with the highest quality non-competing clients and never more than two other companies. We have two delivery times per day and start our rounds later in the day –so we aim to be first seen when the house holder returns. That way we can offer deliveries at a very competitive rate, help you save money and only provide the service we know works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.