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Leaflets & Flyers
Designed & Printed by TPP

“Leaflet design is not the same as web or social media design. To be effective it must be treated in a totally different way.” Mark Redmond, MD @TPP

Mark and his team at The Private Postman have been at the forefront of offline leaflet design, concepts and innovations since 2009.

Let Us Help You

Having seen and advised on thousands of ‘first effort’ leaflet designs and worked closely with many marketing directors, managers, startup CEOs and advertising agencies, as well as helping the local baker make a bigger bang…

We know exactly what you should be aiming at and constantly come up with ideas to achieve those goals.

The design process takes time and skill and it’s those skills you will be paying for…

Consultation and

The first part of the process is Mark and his team will spend time with you drilling down into what you are doing, and how you plan to do it. If needed our team of in-house experts can also design your leaflet from scratch and use our industry contacts to get you a very affordable deal on printing.

The Design

Once we know what we are going for and why, come the designs. Normally clients supply pictures and copy (wording) or sometimes we can use images from your website. We are experts with picture selection for many products, including professional food photography and have our own team we can bring in, or use your own shots. We know what will work and why.


Every leaflet should have a killer and instant STRAPLINE.

We will do this for you or with you if nothing currently exists

The Designs

We create two ideas and two rounds of tweaks are built into the costs of our TPP design.

Case study 1: V&Me Their Original Design

Their Original Design

V&ME leaflet design

TTP feedback on V & Me was:

  1. Biggest words on page are your company name – that tells us nothing about what you do
  2. Food pics do not instantly tell us this is baby food.
  3. This is not instant whatsoever because we have no BABY picture.
  4. Branding needs ‘the classy look’ added
  5. Like the USP – but says who? Any testimonials yet??
  6. Like the simplicity a lot but does not scream baby food (yet)
  7. This side looks classy, as it should, so that is working well
  8. Strapline – misses what you do! Your food is delivered daily (needs work to nail)
V&ME leaflet design

ROCKIT BURGER Their Original Design

Dark kitchen brand being launched in 2021

After seeing the owner’s first effort, we gave feedback and they asked us to do a total redesign

RockIT Burger leaflet design

TTP feedback on RockIT Burger was:

Side A

– Food pics will be lost as only 8th of page
– Food pics show way too many dishes – as a result, it does nothing for anyone
– Logo and strapline should always be together

Side B

– Like food pic this side, but it’s way too small
– Used up 1/3rd of page with red box with hours/mapping
– QR code is good and works
– BUT your delivery apps are not in branding colours

The New Design

– Food pics nailed
– Branding and straplines nailed
– Looks good enough to eat! NAILED!
– Our strategy concept was again to use the new ‘TPP Restaurant Philosophy’, a system we have been working on for years
– of making people hungry for a restaurant’s own food

RockIT Burger leaflet design

“This is what we do, we have design principles that make things work.
We have been doing this for a long time and we know what will work, no matter what your business type, our principles will apply just the same.”


TPP Consultation £150

TPP Copywriting £150

TPP Design £300 (includes two rounds of tweaks)

Total service = £600 + VAT

Get in touch today

We understand it might be a little out of some people’s budgets if you’re only running 5,000 leaflets (min. job).

If so, please use our FREE design feedback service instead.

But if you’re running campaigns of 30,000 + you need to invest in your leaflet design, full stop. If you want a great design that you can use again and again, that is what we are offering and aiming for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.