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Leaflet Distribution In Belgravia, Pimlico And St James SW1

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Who lives in Belgravia, Pimlico and St James SW1?

The flippant answer is “the Queen and quite a few members of Parliament” and actually there is a lot of truth in this. Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster, home to the Houses of Parliament, are both in SW1A.

Because of this, affluent people associated with either the Royal household or the world of politics, often like to live in this area as it is so convenient for their work and also for the numerous attractions of central London as a whole.

The area is also well-served by public transport links, although it’s questionable how many of the local residents actually use them.

Famous residents past and present include Sir Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Oswald Mosley, Neville Chamberlain and Lady Thatcher. Famous fictional residents include Francis Urquhart from political drama House of Cards and infamous residents include the disappearing Lord Lucan.

Character of Belgravia, Pimlico and St James SW1

The preceding paragraph should give a strong hint. This is a hotbed of politics. What may be more surprising to those less familiar with London, is that it is also popular with members of the Art world.

For actors it has the benefit of being close to the theatrical strongholds of Covent Garden, Leicester Square and the West End. For authors and visual artists the appeal may be that all the world’s a stage and SW1 has a great view of it.

SW1 is a thriving, bustling hub for movers and shakers who want to see and be seen and enjoy the very best that London has to offer (and have the money to do so). It survived the Blitz relatively intact (although far from unscathed).

The bomb-damaged areas became places for more modern houses for the post-war generation.

How we can help

How can you help me with leaflet distribution in Belgravia, Pimlico and St James SW1?

This may come as a surprise after everything we’ve said so far, but SW1 does have less affluent areas, which are of questionable value in terms of leaflet delivery in London.

In fact right up to the early part of the 20th Century, parts of SW1 were considered outright slums. One of the people who ministered to the poor here was Rev. Gerald Olivier, father of Laurence Olivier.

Obviously there’s nothing approaching a slum today, but SW1 does still have noticeably less-affluent areas, which are best avoided if you are looking for the most cost-effective leaflet-distribution in London.

We know all the ins and outs of this area, pretty much literally. Unlike many of our East London post codes, there isn’t all that much in the way of development going on in SW1, at least not at the moment.

Instead, you get a fairly typical central London layout of lots of interconnecting streets, some of which can be easily missed (or ignored) by those unfamiliar with the area (or in a hurry).

Running a leaflet distribution in the SW1 area can be a challenging endeavour. With a relatively high density of larger apartment buildings and council housing a good mapping system is an absolute requirement for any leaflet distribution company that will attempt regular deliveries in SW1.

The Private Postman

We at The Private Postman have extensive knowledge of SW1 and the surrounding areas and with millions of leaflets being delivered by our distributors every year we have honed our systems to fit any London postcode.

We make sure to avoid all the pockets of roads not suitable for leaflet distribution and our distributors are well trained to negotiate access to larger apartment buildings wherever possible.

As always, we take the time to do the job properly. Even though SW1 is very far from being our most demanding post code, any historic London area is pretty much guaranteed to have its fair share of steps.

This means that doing a thorough leafleting job means taking the time to go up and down them rather than just sticking to the easy bits on the flat. It also means taking care of the leaflets so that they arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

Leaflets which have been damaged by rain or rough handling by stressed, tired, rushed workers can actually do more harm than good, which is why we only work in the dry and allow plenty of time for each job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.