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Leaflet Distribution TW9

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The TW9 postcode covers the area of Richmond, North Sheen and Kew. It neighbours on East Sheen and Mortlake from the East, Chiswick in the north, Isleworth from the West and Twickenham from the South-West.

TW9 as a whole is an affluent area of South London with a high proportion of households with children. The main demographic as in most areas of London are still one-person households or couples with children.

More two thirds of the local residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors with the average income being considerably higher than the London average.

TW9 is full of beautiful green areas that include the whole of Royal Botanic Gardens and Richmond Green. These parks and greens are so pristine that Richmond attract a variety of film-makes. It has been featured on Downton Abbey and many other films and TV programmes.

The South-West of TW9

The South-Western corner of TW9 covers the area around Richmond Station and above mentioned Richmond Green. This is one of the liveliest parts of this postcode.

With multiple high streets full of coffee shops, local restaurants, fashion boutiques and cultural spots like the Richmond Theater this is without question the cultural centre of TW9.

Even though most homes in this part of Richmond are of a similar type as the rest of the postcode there are some hard to access apartment buildings and even council housing.

Groups Area Quantity of leaflets
Group 1 – TW9 The North-West of TW9 5,000
Group 2 – TW9 The South of N16 5,000
Total 10,000

Mapping TW9

Our mapping system is built to make sure that all the businesses, inaccessible households and local authority housing is excluded from our deliveries. This is to ensure minimal waste of leaflets and consequently elevate the effectiveness of your leaflet distribution campaigns and save you money.

When we move further north within TW9 we will find ourselves in North Sheen. Delivering in this areas is again a combination of targetting beautiful Victorian houses and town-houses while avoiding the occasional housing estate or inaccessible block of flats. North Sheen from here slowly transitions into the Kew area. With Kew Gardens this is one of the greenest suburbs of London.

Even though it benefits from it’s village like feel east of the South Circular Road we can find shopping centres and other cultural spots like the National Archives.

The general demographic in TW9 are cash-rich, time poor wealthy households. Many homes in Richmond and Kew have large front and back gardens so any household-focused company can benefit from leaflet distribution here.

It is also relatively easy to access most of the letterboxes in this postcode and as such it is a very efficient place to target for local restaurants, events and venues. We regularly deliver leaflets here for events taking place in the Royal Botanic Gardens that range from concerts and exhibitions to political meetings.

Any company looking to target affluent households in South London can not overlook TW9 in their leaflet distribution efforts. When combined with some of it’s neighbours like TW1 or TW10 it can take a substantial campaign and yield real results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.