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7 Pillars of leaflet distribution Part 1

As we have mentioned many times before, leaflet distribution has been a fundamental part of the local marketing landscape in London for decades and will remain so.

There are basic principles present in the delivery of physical leaflets to people’s homes that make this method of advertising work and these do not fundamentally change with time.

However, even though leaflet distribution can be very effective in advertising a local business in London it can still be executed poorly and bring poor results. So let’s have a look at what we have identified as 7 pillars of leaflet distribution that will ensure that each leaflet distribution campaign you run is a success.

7 Pillars of leaflet distribution Part 1

1. Product

7 Pillars of leaflet distribution Part 1

The step one of any marketing campaign and first of the pillars of leaflet distribution is clearly identifying what is it that we are advertising. This might seem trivial and self-evident but this is not always the case in practice.

A good example here is a restaurant running a local campaign. The owner or marketing manager of a said restaurant can decide to advertise

  • one specific dish (The Best Carbonara in W10)
  • a type of dish (The Best Pasta in W10)
  • a type of cuisine (The Best Italian food in W10)
  • a service (Best Pasta in W10 – NOW DELIVERED!)
  • an event (Wine tasting)
  • or just brand build (The best restaurant in W10)

It is not immediately obvious which of these approaches is right. The most common solution to this issue that comes from business owners is to combine three or more items from the above list and put them all on one leaflet. The result tends to be confusion of message and an ineffective campaign.

You are most likely not going to be able to advertise every element of your business in a single swoop. You need to prioritise and plan long term with multiple waves of deliveries.

The best thing you can do is to get touch with your leaflet distribution company and discuss how your campaigns should be structured and how your message should be prioritised.

7 Pillars of leaflet distribution Part 1

2. Demographics

7 Pillars of leaflet distribution Part 1

Now that you know what exactly is your leaflet to advertise you can inspect the kind of client that would be interested in it. To use our London restaurant example again one can simply look at the prices of the dishes and type of cuisine to determine this.

The intersection of these two elements is important. There are many highly priced restaurants and food establishments that might appeal primarily to a younger clientele and there are others that have similar pricing but will be mostly focused on an older demographic.

Fortunately with restaurants your local area will most likely correspond with your clientele already as there tends to be some relationship between price of food, rent and generalised income of the residents on an area.

This is however the case for restaurants and not for every other business. However trivial this step might seem to you again. Spending some time to think about it and discussing it with your leaflet distribution partners is a good idea.

As they should have a wealth of knowledge about local areas in London they can direct you to particularly lucrative parts of London you didn’t think about for your campaign.

We hope that the first two of our 7 pillars of leaflet distribution have been helpful. If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a campaign with us please feel free to get in touch here.

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