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Do flyers work on cars?

We all know that most businesses that focus on serving their local area in London use some form of leaflet distribution for marketing purposes. Looking at this from the outside however it can be difficult to see exactly how leaflet distribution works.

Do the flyers get delivered to people’s homes? Do they get handed out outside of a tube station? Or do they get inserted on the wind-shields of parked cars? Which of these techniques is the best and do flyers work on cars?

Potential issues

We do not recommend using the wind-shield technique for flyer distribution. Leaving flyers on cars has many disadvantages and does not really work. Let’s have a look at some of the potential problems that come with this form of flyer delivery.

1. With rain come complaints

Do flyers work on cars?London is a rainy city. Putting a printed piece of paper on someone’s wind-shield in a country where it rains often is a terrible idea.

Paper tends to disintegrate after contact with water and if it is held firmly by a wind-shield wiper it is guaranteed to do so.

It is unpleasant to clean paper mush from your car. It gets even worse if it is allowed to dry up again.

You are guaranteed to make many people angry by forcing them to clean their cars before they start their journey.

They will certainly not feel positive towards whatever message you are trying to communicate with your leaflet if it has been delivered this way.

2. Lack of targeting

It is very difficult to target the right clients by using this delivery technique. We don’t know who the owner of the car is, we don’t know where they live or anything else about them.

The great advantage of leaflet distribution when done correctly is that you can target your potential clients very well.

We can find an area that is either very close to your business location or an area that has a high percentage of the kinds of clients that will be interested in your services. We can’t do this by putting flyers on cars around London.

3. Leaflet becomes trash

Your beautifully designed leaflet on great silk paper becomes trash as soon as it contacts water or get blown away by the wind. These things are guaranteed to happen if the flyer is left on a wind-shield of a car.

Flyer marketing can be done very sensitively and with focus on the local area but this can’t be achieved by leaving flyers on random vehicles on the street.

What do you think after thinking about this? Do flyers work on cars?

How to deliver leaflets then?

We at The Private Postman specialise in delivering leaflets directly to people’s homes through their letterboxes. This is called door to door distribution.
This way we can help you target the exact demographics that you should be focusing on.

Deliver your leaflets to people that live directly around your business location.
And especially keep a very stringent quality control and deliver your leaflets in the best shape possible every time. (Our distributors don’t even deliver in the rain.)

We make sure that when each leaflet is picked up from the door mat by a member of each household it looks exactly they way it did the minute it was printed.

We hope that the answer the – Do flyers work on cars? Is clearer now. If you have any questions of if you’d like to book a door to door leaflet distribution campaign please get in touch with us here…..

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.