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How many leaflets can you deliver in an hour?

When asking how many leaflets can you deliver in an hour we need to first establish the type of delivery we are looking at. There are two types of leaflet distribution worth mentioning.

1. Door to door –

this service guarantees delivery to a specific number of households in a pre-selected area. The leaflets are delivered through the letterbox directly into each home. This is our bread and butter and 99% of our deliveries are done this way.

The amount of leaflets we have our distributors delivery each session is approximately 800-1000 per distributor.

This is a good amount that makes each delivery trip productive for the person delivering the leaflets but it is not too physically gruelling to keep up.

Having excessively long delivery days will only result in the quality of distribution declining. Speed of delivery isn’t everything.

It also depends on how many are being delivered to each house. The Private Postman Leaflet distributors have a set amount that is industry standard.

1 for 1 bell
2 for 2 bells
Max 3 for 3 bells or more:

When houses are multi bells number per hour do go up quite a bit.

2. Hand to hand

this service focuses on handing out flyers in busy parts of London at specific times of day. The speed of delivery here is approximately 500 leaflets, per day session, per distributor.

As such it is generally less effective than door to door and we tend to recommend it only in specific situations where door to door leaflet distribution is not an option.

What can affect speed of delivery

We don’t get asked the question – How many leaflets can you deliver in an hour? Only by our clients. It tends to be one of the first questions asked by new distributors as well.

There are a few techniques that we use to help our Private Postmen with their speed of delivery.
How many leaflets can you deliver in an hour?
1. Our mapping system is very detailed and it allows our distributors to plan their rounds carefully to avoid wasting time.

2. We share some basic delivery techniques with our Private Postman that allow them to never have to backtrack when out delivering.

This is important as backtracking is the biggest enemy of an efficient and fast leaflet distribution service.

3. We tend to either have our Private Postmen run distribution rounds close to their home or in areas they are familiar with. We also encourage this by running the same distributor in the same areas multiple times.

This allows for our workers to gain on-the-ground knowledge that is hard to gain from our central office.

We often debrief our distributors as well to update our understanding of the actual situation in each of the areas we run leaflet distribution services in.

As we’ve said above a single Private Postman can deliver approximately 800-1000 leaflets a session

If your campaign is of a larger size or you are running on a tight deadline we will allocate multiple distributors to your campaign.

We deliver millions of leaflets in London every year and regularly handle campaigns in the hundreds of thousands of leaflets by keeping a good and healthy delivering team.

We hope this helps answer the question – How many leaflets can you deliver in an hour?
To find out what your leaflet distribution campaign could look like get in touch with us here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.