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Leaflet distribution for building companies

What are the advantages of flyers for a building company?

One of the biggest advantages of leaflet distribution is the fact, that your flyers reach every single household within your target area. This minimises any skew in terms of demographics. You are going to be reaching young home owners and older couples in the same way.

This is not the case with most other forms of advertising which tend to lean one way or the other.

The other advantage of flyers is the fact that people still often keep them for future reference. You can read up on the statistics of this here.

This is something that is very relevant for a building company. There will be people that see your advertising that are looking to start a building project imminently. However there will be many people who might be looking to do so in a few months.

For these people it’s much more convenient to keep a physical piece of advertising like a leaflet than trying to save an online ad via a screenshot on their phone or a similarly clunky mechanism.

With flyers, you are also in complete control over how you present your company. You are not simply filling out a listing on a trade directory. You get to choose the size of images you are using, the types of information you are communicating and how many households you are reaching.

Which households should I target with my building leaflets?

When booking a flyer drop with a distribution company you want to make sure that their mapping system if focused on the types of properties you do most of your work on.

At The Private Postman, our regular distribution system targets only accessible, privately owned residential addresses. This means that local authority housing, large blocks of flats and business addresses are excluded.

If most of your work is done on terraced and detached houses, this kind of system is ideal for you.

If you are looking to target the other types of properties instead (like large blocks of flats or businesses) a special type of delivery that targets only these addresses can be arranged.
This is important as the types of services you are likely to be offering to semi-detached home owners are going to be considerably different to what you’ll be offering a small business owner.

If you are looking to serve both, you want to run separate drops and ideally develop unique leaflets for both groups of customers.

Always check that your distributor has this or a similar level of separation in their system. Otherwise some of your flyers will be wasted by being delivered to an irrelevant type of property.

Where should you be delivering your flyers?

There are two types of leaflet distribution campaigns most building companies will be running.

You might be targeting an area of London that has a high proportion of the type of properties you specialise in with campaigns ranging from 10,000 – 100,000 households. The way you select these areas can be as follows.

– You specialise in repairs and extensions to Victorian terraced houses.
– You know that there are many of these particular properties in the NW6 postcode.
– Your distributor will analyse the postcode and come back to you with a target area of 15,000 households in NW6.
– You print 15,000 flyers and go ahead with a drop.
These kinds of campaigns are also often repeated within a reasonable time frame. Sometimes these drops can be repeated at particular times of year that are important for your business or they can follow each other more closely. Both of these approaches aim to build brand recognition.

You can read up more on repeated drops in this blog.

The other type of campaign most building companies will run is targeting the area surrounding a current or recently finished project the company has done.

As the locals have likely seen your scaffolding and/or craftsmen at work in their local area, your advertising becomes more real to them. They can also check with their neighbours about their experience with your services.

This is an excellent approach to capitalising on your presence in an area and using a successful project to attract more local business.

What should a building company leaflet look like?

In terms of format, there is nothing unique you want to be experimenting with, when creating a leaflet for your building company. A single page A5 flyer is what we recommend in almost all scenarios.

The front side of your flyer should largely be taken up by a high quality image of one of your successful projects. If your branding is recognisable and has weight in the local area you are targeting, you can have this side of the flyer be dedicated to a graphic with your company branding.

Beyond this, you want your flyer to do two things. Communicate details about the types of services you are offering and build trust.

Providing building works or larger repairs on people’s homes is a sensitive thing. People are understandably worried about how the project they are hiring you for will turn out.

The better your leaflet is, the more it will instil trust in your services and experience.

To this end, when possible, you want to include testimonials on your flyer. Testimonials are a very powerful tool for building trust and confidence with new clients. When you can, use an image of the finished project together with the testimonial.

Make sure to include mentions of your memberships in relevant trade bodies and associations. Any unique accreditations are also helpful to mention as well as appropriate details about your insurance.

As long as you are focusing your leaflet design on communicating the core services you are offering and instilling trust, you are on your way to a successful flyer campaign.

You can also include a QR code on your flyer that takes your potential customer to your website, a case study or a video. This can be a fantastic tool to further help people understand how you work and show off some of the successful projects you’ve worked on.

If you want to find out more about writing and structuring of leaflets, have a look at our blog focused on the topic here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.