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What to focus on with leaflet distribution during lockdown

Our distributors are continuing their deliveries through the lockdown period in a similar fashion to what we did earlier this year. We work with a variety of councils, NHS organisations and private health care providers.

As such we have to be able to provide our services to our clients and the public and pretty much no restrictions will change this any time soon. Lockdown has no impact on our ability to deliver your leaflets in London. Business as usual.

So as you can and should continue your leaflet distribution efforts through this period let’s have a look at what to focus on with leaflet distribution during lockdown.

What to focus on with leaflet distribution during lockdown

1. PPE

What to focus on with leaflet distribution during lockdown

PPE is in use in many workplaces and especially if you are visiting your clients homes as a plumber, roofer or a tutor PPE might be very important to putting your clients at ease.

If you are using PPE in any capacity your clients and potential customers should know this.

2. Keep it simple

The rules for good leaflet design and London leaflet distribution are still in place no matter the circumstances. You need to make sure to keep your design simple.

It is understandable that you want to include all your services, the fact that you are moving some elements of your business online, details about how that might impact your potential clients and more on your leaflet.

Make sure that you do not try to communicate all of these messages at the same time on the same leaflet. Pick one central and one secondary message and devote your leaflet to these. That is what to focus on with leaflet distribution during lockdown.

An example would be an Italian restaurant that devotes their leaflet to ‘We make the best Pizza in NW6’ (main message) and ‘We deliver to your home during lockdown’ (secondary message). Nothing else needs to be said.

3. Keep going

Unless you are expecting crippling losses to your turnover and profits or unless you have to seize trading you should continue to advertise and communicate to your local area and potential clients.

It might be wise to reduce the amount of leaflets you are delivering if your cashflow is impacted but reducing your advertising to zero should not be done. Many businesses are still trading, people still need a wide variety of services and we will all be opening London again soon.

You need to make sure that you are not forgotten and that you are handicapping your business by seizing all advertising and loosing out on new clients.

We hope that this article about what to focus on with leaflet distribution during lockdown has been informative. If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a leaflet distribution campaign in London feel free to get in touch with us here..

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