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Window cleaning leaflets

There are many factors that come into play when deciding on a leafleting strategy for a window cleaning company.

The design of the flyers, the areas to target with deliveries and the amount of leaflets we print are all things we need to make decisions about.

In this article we’ll discuss all of the above mentioned aspects of your leaflet marketing and share as much information with you as we can.

Window cleaning leaflets
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Window cleaning leaflets

Window cleaning leaflet design

The trend in leaflet design in recent years has been towards simplicity. Large high quality images tend to take over one side of the leaflet in most situations.

This image can either be a quality photograph or a graphic of some kind.

Window cleaning leaflets

In this leaflet we are using a graphic illustration instead of a photograph.

With modern leaflets it is important to keep a very important concept in mind. The headline of your flyer needs to clearly state what you’re advertising.

The instinct in most cases is to highlight the branding and the name of your company first.

While clearly branding your window cleaning flyers is very important, your headline should focus on the type of service you are offering first.

Professional window cleaning is the headline here with a sub headline For your home.

The branding in the bottom left corner is clear and present but it’s not taking over the leaflet.

The copy on this cleaning flyer is minimal and it is only clarifying what the service we are offering is.

Keeping your copy down to only a few bullet points is important for clean flyer design.

We want to clearly state what we are advertising in the headline, illustrate the point with a photograph or a graphic and slightly clarify in the copy.

We do not want to get into using too much text and explaining anything deeper on the leaflet. That’s what your website is for.

Including a link to your website or a QR code on your flyer is a must. Same applies for your contact details, in this case a phone number.

Window cleaning leaflets

B2B Window cleaning flyer

There are different types of window cleaning services you could be offering.

Window cleaning for private residences can often look very different to window cleaning for businesses.

There is no point in offering both business and residential window cleaning on the same leaflet.

You are going to be delivering in completely different ways to completely different clients when advertising Business and Home window cleaning.

B2B flyer deliveries are done in considerably smaller numbers and on a different system.

At The Private Postman we can deliver to 30,000 businesses all over London. Depending on the services you are offering you might want to target all businesses available or only focus on a specific niche.

Window cleaning leaflets

Here is a sample of a window cleaning flyer made for B2B delivery. The fact that we are advertising window cleaning for a business is made very clear in the headline.

In busy parts of London business owners receive a lot of mail and advertising materials every day.

You want to make sure that your leaflet clearly states exactly what you are trying to advertise. There is not much room to get fancy here.

Professional window cleaning for your business is as straight to the point as it gets.

Clarifying which kinds of businesses you can cover also helps. In this case it’s “shop windows, offices, restaurants, car dealerships…”

This of course also helps us with deciding which businesses we should be targeting with your B2B cleaning leaflets.

Window cleaning leaflets

Traditional cleaning leaflet

In most industry niches leaflet design has changed completely over the last ten years.

Restaurants for example no longer do menus but often a simple flyer with a great photograph and a QR code taking clients to their delivery app of choice.

Some traditional approaches to leaflet design however still work for window cleaning companies.

Window cleaning leaflets

Here we have an example of a traditional window cleaning flyer. It includes both window and gutter cleaning services in the headline.

It still keeps the copy down to a minimum but instead of one big image it uses multiple small photographs.

Even though this flyer uses a very traditional approach it is still a kind of design that works as long as we keep the message clear.

Window cleaning leaflets

Planning a campaign

When planning a flyer delivery campaign we need to decide on a few things first.

Window cleaning leaflets

1. Which areas do we want to target?

Are you looking to target areas local to your business to minimise your travel time? Or do you have a specific part of London you want to develop more business in?

Maybe you just want to target a specific client demographic but are not sure where in London it can be found?

It’s good to be very specific with the goals of your pamphlet distribution from the beginning.

Discuss your goals with your distribution company and have them help you select the best areas for you.

Your distributor should have a deep knowledge of all the areas in London and help you select for demographics, type of properties and location.

Window cleaning leaflets

2. How many pamphlets should you print?

Balancing your goals on one side and your budget on the other will help you determine how many flyers you should be printing.

Your distribution company should be able to arrange printing for you at a competitive price.

Most distributors have relationships with printing houses and can get prices that are considerably more favourable than what you’d be able to get yourself.

Window cleaning leaflets

3. B2B and B2C?

We’ve already touched on the difference in design when it comes to making cleaning leaflets aimed at businesses and residential addresses.

While you want to be using different flyers for each of these targets you can run parallel campaigns targeting households and businesses at the same time.

You don’t need to choose between running a B2B or a B2C campaign. You can do both at the same time.

They are simply going to be treated as two separate campaigns and will run at different speeds.

Window cleaning leaflets

Repeated deliveries

Repeated deliveries are a very important concept in modern flyer distribution campaigns.

Due to modern tracking and stock control systems we can now run delivery campaigns that target the same households multiple times with predetermined rest periods between each drop.

This simply means that the same household will receive your leaflets multiple times over the period of a few weeks or months.

The same way you see the same ad on TV or in your Facebook feed multiple times we can achieve repeated exposure with leaflets.

This is one of the best ways to develop mind share in your selected area. It’s especially useful for services like window cleaning that most people need but not every day.

Catching people at the right time is crucial and so is mind share. When your target customers already know your branding and are familiar with you through repeated exposure you’re halfway there.

When done tactfully repeated flyer deliveries give us the benefits of repeated exposure without the negatives that can come with overexposing your audience to a single ad on Facebook or YouTube.

With flyer delivery we can control the number of times people see your flyers. This is more difficult to do on social media and impossible to do with TV ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.