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Leaflet Distribution N6

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The N6 postcode covers the area of Highgate. This is one of the most affluent and lefalet-responsive areas in London. In character it resembles it’s neighbours Hampstead and East Finchley.

It neighbour on Muswell Hill from the North, Crouch End from the North East and on Archway and Upper Holloway from the South East.

The South Western border of N6 is completely covered by Hampstead Heath.

Hampstead and East Finchley as mentioned before neighbour on N6 form the West.
Highgate is a slightly ‘older’ postcode compared to the London average with a relatively high population of residents aged over 45+.

The 18-44 demographic is however still present and worth targeting. Families with children are not a strong demographic in Highgate and that is something worth keeping in mind.


The average income in N6 is considerably higher compared to the London average with almost 75% of local residents describing themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors.

This is also an area that benefits from good local knowledge when it comes to leaflet distribution.

For example Highgate is well known for being a  ‘Green’ postcode. It is full of smaller parks and many of the roads have trees lining them on both sides.

It is however important to keep in mind that space comes at a premium in Highgate and as a result there are very few gardens and very few homes have privately owned green spaces. This is important information to keep in mind for example for any gardening company that is looking to target Highgate with flyer distribution.

There are other areas surrounding Highgate that would be considerably better for any gardening company like the above mentioned Hampstead of Hampstead Garden Suburbs.

Waterlow Park, Highgate Golf Club, Crouch End Playing Fields and Highgate Wood are some of the green spaces that the locals in N6 have access to.

There is also Hampstead Heath, part of which is located within the N6 postcode and is easily accessible on foot from anywhere in the postcode.

Leaflet Distribution N6

Transportation, Architecture and more

N6 is also very well connected with buses running both to and from Central London but also to other neighbouring postcodes in North and North-West London.

Highgate Station on the Northern Line is the only tube stop in Highgate, however people living closer to the to the postcode border have access to Archway and Tufnell Park stations in the South and East Finchley in the North. All of these stations are on the North Line’s High Barnet branch.

The architecture in Highgate is fairly unique. You will find many Georgian and Victorian houses here but also many unique historical buildings.

This is also mixed with some larger modern homes. Any company focused on building maintenance and high level repairs of modern and historical residential buildings should think about running a leaflet distribution campaign in N6.

Highgate is one of the areas that needs extra attention from any leaflet distribution company. Highgate grew on rather hilly terrain and with winding roads and staircases to almost every home our distributors do have to battle the physical challenges Highgate poses.

We make sure to keep our maps in Highgate slightly smaller than other areas of London and we do not overload our workers.

Even though our shared distribution system allows us to run three leaflets in all London areas we choose to generally keep the shares of larger leaflets down in Highgate to help our distributors with the physical difficulties they might encounter in N6.

This allows us to run an efficient and reliable leaflet distribution in this challenging area on weekly basis.


This is also reflected in the quality of the deliveries. We make sure to never bend leaflets when delivering unless absolutely necessary.

We never deliver in the rain to make sure that to protect your leaflets from water damage.

Our distributors work with a reasonable amount of leaflets every day to make sure that we are not transporting very large quantities of leaflets around London at one time which can result in some damage.

You can expect a one thousand to two thousand leaflets maximum being delivered by a single distributor at a time.

The way we make sure that we have the ability to deliver larger amounts of leaflets is to get more Private Postmen and Women delivering at the same time. This allows us to deliver millions of leaflets a year all over London and work with time sensitive jobs as well.

We also help plan deliveries and campaigns for all our regular clients.

If we work with and events company we always make sure to communicate the best practices of running leaflet distribution campaigns for events and always make sure to help plan and prepare the design and strategy or deliveries ahead of time.


On top of this, our mapping system also includes a way of eliminating potential ‘Problem Households’ we should not deliver to. When we deliver to a given area we will deliver to every household within the boundaries we agree on with each client.

These are generally pre-prepared parts of each postcode that our clients select from our mapping system booklet.

It is very rare that some households complain about receiving leaflets. We however deliver millions of leaflets regularly so some complaints do occasionally come up.

When this happens we contact the complainant and assure them that we will make no further deliveries to their home.

We then go back to our maps and mark exactly the addresses that we are skipping and we inform our distributors of this every time they are to start a campaign in a given area.

This ensures that if someone really doesn’t want us to deliver leaflets to their home after a single complaint or conversation with our team we make sure that they will never receive another leaflets from us.

Highgate and N6 in general is worth considering for any company looking to target affluent North London homes.

We deliver for many local restaurants, estate agents, lifestyle apps, events or auction houses here. It certainly is in our top ten recommended London areas for flyer delivery to affluent households.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.