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Leaflet Distribution TW2

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The TW2 postcode covers the areas of Strawberry Hill, Twickenham and Witton. It neighbours on Hounslow in the North, Hanworth in the West, Teddington in the South and Richmond in the East.

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TW2 is a rather large and varied postcode. The best way to understand it is to break it down into smaller areas. Our mapping system can be very helpful in this. We make sure to break each postcode in London down into smaller areas that we call Groups.

Each Group is around 5000 leaflets. These groups are put together in a way that makes sure that by selecting a specific group you will be targeting a somewhat homogeneous demographic.

We make sure that these Groups are distinguished by the types of properties or the types of households and income levels that can be found in them.

This allows us to break down larger or more varied areas into smaller units we can recommend to our clients and that are easy to navigate.

These Groups are have a coded identifier attached to them and are used to keep you informed about your ongoing deliveries.

Our live tracking system we call The Mercury System informs you in real time about exactly when and where your leaflets are being delivered in real time.

Leaflet Distribution TW2

Character of TW2

TW2 is a great looking postcode with many green areas . Crane Park, Fulwell Golf Club, Strawberry Hill Golf Club, Twickenham Green, Kneller Gardens and Murray Park are only some of the places available for the locals to enjoy some nature and greenery.

TW2 is also equal distances from the Hounslow Heath, Bushy Park, Richmond Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

All of these places are accessible within 10 minute drive from the centre of TW2 and local public transportation connects all of these places very well also.

As such the amount of local trips that families can plan here is considerably higher than most places in London. This is also contributing to the demographics here.


Thanks to the fact that the Twickenham Stadium is located here there is a variety of transportation links in and out of London. There is a good connection for anyone driving a car with access to Central London but also outside the capital.

TW2 is connected to many of it’s neighbouring postcodes via a variety of bus lines. Strawberry Hill, Twickenham and Whitton are the three train stations here. They all allow access to the South-Western Railway services.

The nearest tube station is probably Hounlsow Central on the Piccadilly line. This will be well accessible for anyone living in the Northern part of the postcode but will definitely be to far to take advantage of on daily basis for anyone living in one of the more Southern areas of TW2.

Many of the locals here will however be working in one of commercial hubs in Richmond and therefore not too many people will be commuting from TW2 to Central London every day.

Leaflet Distribution TW2

Strawberry Hill

In breaking down TW2 we can start in it’s Easter part. Strawberry Hill got it’s name from Horace Wapole who is the creator of the unique Strawberry Hill House.

The Strawberry Hill House is a local landmark and a Gothic Palace. It’s architecture and artistry has been an inspiration to many English gothic writers like Mary Shelly (Frankenstein) or architects like Charles Barry.

As such it has been influential on the current shape of the Houses Of Parliament in Westminster. Strawberry Hill in it’s current form has origins in the 18th century.

It used to serve as a rural retreat to well-off Londoners. It’s proximity to the city and other centres of business like Richmond has transformed it into what it is now.

A home to many busy professionals looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also one of the most affluent areas in London and is basically 100% comprised of residential buildings.

They are easily accessible and as such any local company looking to deepen their impact on the local market in TW2 will benefit from leaflet distribution here.

Thanks to the level of affluence here many companies that are not specifically local but are looking for wealthy customers in and around London often look to this area as one of the first places to target.

The character of TW2 falls nicely in line with some of it’s neighbours like Strawberry Hill, Teddington and Richmond.

It is a beautiful are but leaflet distribution companies sometimes overlook it due to the notoriety of the above mentioned neighbouring areas.

Leaflet Distribution TW2

Crane Park

The Western part of TW2 will be very similar with slight differences. The properties here are not going to be large town-houses but mostly terraced houses lining the streets on both sides.

The access to green areas of Crane Park and many golf courses still makes this a very desirable location. The TW2 postcode is also a home to one of the largest cultural landmarks in London and that is the Twickenham Stadium.


The area of Whitton is another such place in the western part of TW2. Even though a postcode like this is relatively easy to navigate there are a few rules that we make sure to follow when delivering here to make sure that we get you the best results possible.

These tend to come into play during the training of our distributors. We make sure to never fold your leaflets unless we absolutely have to in case we encounter a very small letterbox.

We also never deliver in the rain. These two basic mantras that we abide by help us make sure that when we deliver your leaflets anywhere in London they make their way through the letterbox in the best shape possible.

We know that our clients spend a considerable amount of time and resources on designing their flyers and we honour this in our distribution by making sure we never damage them and always deliver in perfect shape.

Another rule that might not be immediately obvious to someone thinking about leaflet distribution is the fact that we have our distributors regularly move their trolleys with leaflets while on delivery.

Our trolleys work similarly to the Royal Mail system. Our distributors bring a larger amount of leaflets with them and safely chain their trolley while they are delivering to a few streets before they come back for more.

To make sure to eliminate any potential complaints we move these trolleys every 20-30 minutes. A small precautionary measure like this helps to avoid an amazing amount of issues and complication one might have to otherwise deal with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.