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Leaflet distribution N15

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The N15 postcode covers the area of Tottenham. It neighbours on Wood Green in the North, Harringay in the West, Stamford Hill in the South and Walthamstow in the East.
It is a fairly densely populated part of London with only few green spaces. Chestnuts Park and Markfield Park being the two largest ones.
Even though there are not many parks in N15 the locals do have access to the Walthamstow reservoirs located right on the Eastern border of the postcode which can provide some escape from this busy part of London. Tottenham is very well connected with both places in and outside of London.

Public Transport

Turnpike Lane station provides access to the Piccadilly Line, Seven Sisters as well as Tottenham Hale Underground Station allow the locals to use the Victoria Line. Seven Sisters and Tottentham Hale Rail Stations also have the Greater Anglia services running through and South Tottenham Stations is serviced by the Overground.
There are only few places in North London that can rival Tottenham in the level of public transport accessibility.


N15 is a very young postcode. The under 18 demographic is considerably larger here than pretty much anywhere in London. The number of households with single parents is also above the London average.

Tottenham is not what you would call an affluent area however through testing the waters here with an occasional leaflet distribution drop over a period of years we have discovered that it is a surprisingly responsive area to leaflets.

The housing is high quality at reasonable prices for London standards and this has attracted many people working both in Central London or other parts of the capital looking for good housing. Similar to other historically unattractive London postcodes N15 is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance with the parts of Tottenham becoming more gentrified.

Leaflet Distribution Strategies

As such developing a presence on the ground early can be a real advantage for any company looking to service this area with services or products. Many local restaurants and businesses have already started building a good level of recognition with their leafleting efforts and these will become more lucrative as time progresses.

Tottenham can still be a challenging area to distribute with a good number of council properties, inaccessible estates and sometimes confusingly laid out streets.

As per usual our mapping system helps with this. We have carefully analysed the whole postcode and broken it down to areas of approximately 5000 leaflets allowing for intelligent targetting of fairly specific areas and demographics while still staying very cost-effective. Our distributors are well acquainted with the situation on the ground in N15 and know exactly where the deliveries are effective and which parts of the postcode we are leaving out of our distribution rounds for the time being.

All the policies assuring the highest quality of distribution are of course in place here as well. No leaflets will be delivered in the rain or folded into the letterboxes. This way we know that your potential customers will get to see your leaflet in the best shape possible every time.

Leaflet Distribution N15

On top of this we can run a leaflet distribution campaign based on repeated deliveries. This technique uses advanced logistical techniques that allow us to deliver your leaflets to the same homes with predetermined amount of time between each drop.

Due to the fact that we have in house designers working with us we can also help you create a new design for each drop and develop a long term campaign. This can lead to specific event or can be focused on developing local brand recognition only.

Each type of business will need a different approach to using this technique but when done right it takes leaflet distribution to another level of effectiveness. There is almost nothing that can rival the results of repeated leaflet distribution drops in London when it comes to local marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.