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Leaflet Distribution N22

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The N22 postcode covers the areas of Wood Green and Alexandra Palace. It neighbours on Bounds Green in the North, Muswell Hill in the West, Harringay in the South and Tottenham Hale in the East. Surprisingly it has a slightly older demographic than London in general.

  • Around 50% of the population is in the 39-50 age group.
  • Around 30% of the households in the N22 postcode have children
  • Approximately 75% of adults in N22 describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors.
  • As such N22 has a higher than average income levels compared to the rest of London.

As the name suggest there is a large number of green spaces in Wood Green and the surrounding areas.

Alexandra Palace and Woodside Park are the two largest green areas here. N22 has many green spaces right on it’s border as well.

Duckett’s Common, Downhills Park, Lordship Recreation Ground, Tottenham Sports Ground, Albert Road Recreation Ground and Muswell Hill Golf Club are all situated in other postcodes but are right on the border of N22 and as such are very easily accessible.

Leaflet Distribution N22


N22 is very well connected to both Central London and other areas surrounding the capital. One can access thameslink and Great Northern trains stop at the Alexandra Palace Station and the Piccadilly Line via the Wood Green underground station. There is also a wide variety of bus lines running through Wood Green.

In many ways N22 is a postcode of contrasts. There are some very affluent households right next to local authority housing and beautiful green spaces next to industrial areas.

As such it requires extra attention when it comes to mapping the postcode out. We combine our knowledge of the situation on the ground together with satellite images and create a mapping system that provides our clients with zero waste and great control over the areas that you target with each campaign.

The North-Eastern corner of N22

The North-Eastern corner of N22 above White Hart Lane is one of the nicer areas that can be found in this postcode. It is full of green spaces and of relatively large Victorian terraced houses. If we move West past the High Rd we’ll find an area that is a little bit more varied.

Even though most of this part of N22 is still filled with beautiful terraced houses there are some harder to reach flats and an occasional industrial space that needs to be excluded from our mapping system.

Alexandra Palace

If we move further West we find ourselves in Alexandra Palace. Alexandra Palace in many ways resembles it’s nearest neighbour Muswell Hill. It is a beautiful area with one of the nicer North London parks and lovely Victorian homes and town-houses.

Wood Green

If we move back Eastward from Alexandra Palace we get to Wood Green.
The area around the High Street and Underground station is one of the more challenging parts of N22 to deliver. There are many old industrial buildings and parks here as well as the occasional local authority housing estate. We have excluded these from our system.

The way we make sure to allow you to select exactly which parts of N22 you want to have your leaflets delivered to is by running a very detailed mapping system. They way this works is as follows. We map out each postcode in London and break it down to what we call ‘Groups’.

These are areas of approximately 5000 households. These have a code starting with a letter ‘G’ and a number. For example G101 is Group number 101. We then further divide these Groups into what we call ‘Walks’ which are subsections of Group with approximately 750-1000 houses depending on the area.

These are coded with letters A-F. G101-F is therefore a walk F in the Group number 101. This way our clients get an ability to direct their leafleting efforts into areas as specific as 750 households.

These Walks and Groups are also selected to contain relatively uniform types of properties and a similar demographic makeup. This can be done thanks to our detailed knowledge of London and how leaflet distribution works in each part of it.

As you can imagine having a good system for selecting exactly which areas you deliver your flyers to is only part of an effective leaflet distribution campaign.


The delivery itself and people that execute it on the ground is probably the most important element. We work with many ex-royal mail postmen and outside of that all our distributors get training from our founder Mark Redmond (an ex-royal mail postmen himself).

We have a variety of techniques we share with all of our workers that allow them to delivery efficiently and safely anywhere in London.

We also go out of our way to give our distributors work as close to their homes as possible to minimize any frustration with having to travel long distances before they can even start delivering leaflets.

This allows them to put all their energy and effort into delivering your leaflets in correctly with no incentive to cut any corners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.