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Estate Agent leafleting strategies post lockdown

Different types of businesses have been affected by the current pandemic and following lockdown differently. Restaurants have for example been hit very hard but many tech companies not so much.

London Estate Agents will be on the more affected end of the spectrum.

Even when the market in London opens up and there is more movement in the marketplace much will remain changed. Let’s have a look at what these long term changes might be and at some estate agent leafleting strategies post lockdown

Estate Agents strategies and changes in the marketplace

Estate Agent leafleting strategies post lockdown

There has obviously not been much commercial activity in the real estate world during March to May this year.

Everything has been shut down, people are not moving and the uncertainty surrounding everything has made people more tentative to buy or move home.

Going forward a lot of these worries will still be in place. Many businesses have already adjusted their procedures to follow social distancing in the workplace long term as well as use PPE wherever possible. Estate Agents will most likely have to do the same.

The cleaning staff will need to use PPE as well as the agent during a showing. It is likely that the public will expect these procedures to be in place and will be comforted by them.

Estate Agent leafleting strategies post lockdown

All London estate agent leafleting strategies post lockdown should include informing your potential clients that you as an agency are following all of the above mentioned procedures.

What any estate agency should be looking to do is to assure their potential clients in London that using their services is safe and that all reasonable precautions have been taken and new standards are adhered to.

All strategies including leaflet distribution should be aimed at this goal and using well thought-through graphics can help.

How this affects leaflet distribution

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The lockdown has changed people’s mindset especially in a crowded place like London. This applies to leafleting as well.

Leafleting has been successfully used by estate agents for decades to generate new business and develop mind share.

One of the fundamental benefits of leaflet distribution is the physical nature of the leaflet being delivered. Even though online advertising can be very powerful leaflet distribution can dominate in certain areas due to the tangible quality it brings.

With physical deliveries come also risks. That’s why all our distributors use PPE where reasonably possible and we use social distancing at every point in the delivery chain.

This is why The Private Postman has been active even during lockdown delivering for key markets including healthcare providers.

We hope that some of the information in this blog on estate agent leafleting strategies post lockdown has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a campaign with please get in touch here.

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