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How much do leaflet delivery workers earn?

How well a worker is compensated for their efforts is very much related to the way they approach their duties. This is especially true in the world of leaflet distribution as no amount of checking mechanisms can fully track every decision a distributor makes on daily basis.

Leaflet distribution is ultimately about trust. Our clients have to have trust in us as a company and we need to have trust in our distributors. So how much do leaflet delivery workers earn?

How much do leaflet delivery workers earn?

Leaflet distributors tend to be paid a set amount per number of deliveries.

This can sometimes be done on daily or weekly basis.

Many leaflet distribution companies use agency workers and don’t attempt to develop a relationship with their workforce that goes further than a give round of deliveries.

We at The Private Postman operate differently!

Long term relationships

We make sure to develop long term relationships with our workers. When we run our training sessions and interviews we select people who want to work with us for more than just a few months. Many of our distributors are ex-Royal Mail postmen who like the job. A large percentage of our workforce also consists of family men and women who want a stable life.

As such we put effort into developing a relationship with each worker and focus on individual approach in dealing with them. Since our distributors are with us long-term and they tend to be people who like the job – reliability issues are almost non-existent.

Agency workers have very little loyalty to the specific job they are assigned on a given day. Why should they as tomorrow they will be moved on to another job or another company. This is the exact opposite of how we prefer to operate.

Local work

One of the main causes of issues with reliability is asking distributors to travel very far for their deliveries. As workers earn money for the leaflets delivered and not time commuting if they need to travel far they might feel frustrated.

To avoid this we tend to assign work to distributors that is local to where they live or in an area that is very easily reachable from their home. If we ask our workers to travel further than usual we might also offer compensation for their travel expenses. This also plays a role when you ask yourself how much do leaflet delivery workers earn.


Some distribution companies tend to assemble their distribution teams very early in the morning and run organised deliveries with 5+ people at a time. We do not believe in this system and we prefer to give more autonomy to our workers.

Our distributors can run deliveries in the morning or afternoons depending on what is convenient for them. This allows for them to plan their week and be flexible with their working hours. They can avoid the rush hour if they are travelling and since many of the people we work with are family men or women they can fit their work around their family duties.

So how much do leaflet delivery workers earn with The Private Postman? We pay £165 per 5000 leaflets delivered. This works out to be approximately £12-£16/h.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.