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How to get personal training clients?

There are two ways one can approach getting new clients using any marketing tool. You can try to build a brand and mind-share to get clients to come to you on their own or try to directly drive sales.

There are many marketing techniques that will allow you to do one or the other. But as any seasoned marketer will tell you.

A clever combination of long term brand building and occasional hard sell is the way to go.

When done right Leaflet distribution is one of the best tools to achieve this and can be the ultimate answer to the question – How to get personal training clients?

Multiple drop leaflet distribution campaign

The technique a personal trainer wants to use is a multiple or repeated drop campaign. It is a fairly new way to approach leaflet distribution since it comes with high demands on the logistical front.

We at The Private Postman are proud to be spearheading this technique the same way we introduced and pushed GPS tracking into the leaflet delivery industry ten years ago.

The way repeated drops work is as follows.

How to get personal training clients?

Identify the area

We help you find the perfect area for your drops.

This will take into consideration your location and target demographics.

It is not enough to look at a postcode and decide to run leaflet distribution in it based on the average income in the area.

There are much more granular metrics we can use like the composition of households (are they single professionals, young families or older couples?). It’s not only about figuring out How to get personal training clients but also how to get the right clients.

If you are a a personal trainer offering mainly Thai Boxing lessons but charge a premium price you would think that automatically going for the wealthiest postcodes is the way to go.

But what if the ones you picked are mostly skewed towards the elderly demographic.

We will help you select the best parts of London you should be targeting with your leaflet distribution and that way make sure every leaflets that gets delivered does the maximum amount of work.

Plan the number of drops and look at leaflet design

We then decide on how many drops to these areas we should do. These might range from 2-8 and they will target the same homes repeatedly with carefully applied rest periods.

This part needs to be done right to make sure to allow for maximum effectiveness while making the locals not even realise that they are being delivered the same leaflets multiple times.

That’s where our expertise comes in. We know which areas are sensitive and through using this approach we have developed a very reliable system for repeated leaflet drops.

During this process we also have a look at the designs we should be using for your leaflets. Personal trainer leaflets have some specific design elements that need to be considered.

In general we will opt for multiple designs to keep your message fresh but keep your brand consistent.

The hard sell

After we have run through a period of brand building with an occasional soft sell with your multiple drops we finish with a hard sell offer.

This could include an invitation to an event or a discount coupon. If done correctly repeated drops are one of the most powerful tools to build and acquire clients in London.

We run these campaigns sometimes multiple times per year for some of our largest clients with great success.

This includes both larger gyms as well as personal trainers.

We hope this blog article is helpful in answering the question – How to get personal training clients? To find out what your leaflet distribution campaign could look like get in touch with us here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.