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Is leaflet distribution environmentally friendly?

The public’s concern for our environment and how we interact with it has been growing over the last decade. As business are run by people these concerns make their way into how we operate our companies and the types of service we choose to provide and use.

Is leaflet distribution environmentally friendly?

Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet distribution has been a staple marketing strategy of most businesses in London for decades.

How does that impact our environment? Is leaflet distribution environmentally friendly?

As leaflets are printed on paper there is understandable concern over how that might impact the size and health of our forests, what percentage of them are recycled and how many times.

When asked just shy of 60% of European consumers believe that European forests (this includes Britain) are shrinking.

The interesting fact is that forests on the continent and the British Isles are growing. And they are growing quite a bit. Fifteen hundred football pitches per day to be exact.

As the forests are expanding they allow for further development of bio-diversity of animals and plants, recreational use and for escape from busy places like London. Leaflet distribution marketing uses paper from some of the largest European print houses with reliable European based supply chains.


Regulations around the growing and harvesting of trees are surprisingly well structured and as such they allow for the environmentally friendly benefits mentioned above.

Leaflet distribution is certainly not contributing to deforestation.
Is leaflet distribution environmentally friendly?On top of this over 70% of paper used in the UK and Europe is recycled. The maximum possible rate of recycling is just shy of 80%.

This is due to the fact that with each round of recycling the fibers get shorter and as such new virgin material is required. We are actually surprisingly close to the best conceivable scenario when it comes to recycling.

When we ask ourselves “Is leaflet distribution environmentally friendly?” we also need to answer the question whether it pollutes our immediate environment.

We are all aware of how unpleasant it is to see torn up paper laying on the pavement turning into slippery sludge in the rain.

This is especially the case in London where a lot of leaflet distribution takes place and due to the density of population everything tends to take a more extreme character.

What we described above tends to be the result of some companies either leaving leaflets on windshields of parked cars or handing out flyers hand-to-hand outside of a tube station or a spot with a lot of foot traffic in central London.

We at The Private Postman do not offer these marketing services and actively discourage them. We see them as littering not as marketing.

Is leaflet distribution environmentally friendly?

We focus strictly on door-to-door leaflet distribution in London where each leaflet is delivered through the letterboxes of households in a predefined area.

In our opinion this is how local marketing should work.

When we pass through a local area we don’t leave a mark outside of the leaflets in each letterbox.

There is no way for your leaflets to end up on the pavement using this system.

On top of this we have friendly supervisors overseeing the deliveries making sure that they are sensitive to each local area.

We all care about our environment as we should. As such we are happy that the answer to the question “Is leaflet distribution environmentally friendly?” is yes.

If you have any more questions or if you’d like to book a campaign please get in touch with us here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.