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Leaflet distribution for roofers in 2021

Covid 19 and the government restrictions associated with it have had a huge impact on most London businesses. Some are struggling and some are not allowed to operate at all.
However the needs the businesses were fulfilling are still there.

Roofs still leak, houses need painting and drains still need unblocking. As a roofer there is still plenty of work out there. The trick now is how to get it. Let’s talk about leaflet distribution for roofers in 2021.

Leaflet distribution for roofers in 2021


Leaflet distribution for roofers in 2021

The current situation has made working in and around people’s homes a little more difficult. Some people are more worries than others and as a business it is a good practice to adopt procedures that allow us to serve everyone.

Using some form of PPE will be a part of working in people’s home for months to come. As such it is a good idea to include the fact that use some protective equipment on your marketing materials.

Leaflet distribution for roofers in 2021

Repeated deliveries

Leaflet distribution for roofers in 2021 has to be based on the most effective and efficient leaflet distribution techniques available. No one can afford to loose money on ineffective marketing in 2021 London.

Repeated deliveries have become the ultimate form of leaflet advertising. New logistical techniques and technologies have made it possible to have your leaflets delivered to the same households repeatedly with very well pre-determined rest periods between each delivery.

This is an incredibly effective way to generate mind-share in a given area of London.

This is further compounded by the possibility of using multiple designs and thus making every delivery unique. This helps to eliminate any exposure fatigue on the part of the recipients. You can keep carefully thought through rest periods between each drop and vary your designs.

This technique relies on the repeated exposure. This is something that is an integral part of most advertising. Whether it takes place on TV, in print, on facebook or outdoors. Repeated exposure works.

Leaflet distribution is unique however in the way you can carefully regulate the amount of impressions your leaflets get. When you space our your leaflet deliveries people will not get blasted with your advertising over and over like they might on TV or on Youtube.

Leaflet distribution in London was already a very effective marketing techniques used over decades and industries. With repeated deliveries it is now the ultimate way to advertise a local business.

Leaflet distribution for roofers in 2021 London has to be based on the best practices. If you have any questions about leaflet distribution or if you ‘d like to book a campaign in London please feel free to get in touch with us here.

You can also listen to some audio about leaflet distribution in London here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.