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Leaflet Distribution in a post lockdown London

Leaflet Distribution has been a huge part of the advertising strategies of most London businesses focused on serving their local area for decades.

It allows business owners and marketing managers to communicate directly to their target customers in a way they can control and tailor.

What is leaflet distribution in post lockdown London going to look like ?


Leaflet Distribution in a post lockdown London

We at The Private Postman have been at the forefront of using PPE gear when handling leaflets.

We started this a long time before the government guidelines were developed or the lockdown implemented and will continue to do so.

When we deliver materials to people’s homes it is very important that we take every precaution to make safe deliveries and handle each flyer with great care.

That’s why our distributors deliver in gloves and use PPE at all times.

We have also developed a series of logos that we offer to our clients to use on their marketing materials. These logos explain individual elements that make a business covid-aware and responsible.

One logo in particular informs the recipient of the flyer that each flyer is being handled using PPE to put people’s mind at ease.

Social Distancing

Leaflet Distribution in a post lockdown London

Many leaflet distribution companies in London operate a team-based model.

A simple example of how this might work is bringing a group of six distributors to a location in a van to deliver leaflets at the same time.

This has some advantages but is ultimately a very fragile system. And it doesn’t allow for social distancing which will make it impractical in post lockdown London.

We at The Private Postman have always operated on a decentralised system where we have a single driver deliver flyers to individual distributor’s homes and let them work on their schedule. This is how Leaflet Distribution in post lockdown London has to work. Our distributors never come in contact with each other.

Even our warehouse team never operates in more than a two-person team. Two people in a large warehouse is the ultimate social distancing work environment.

The Private Postman has always delivered flyers with this system in place and as such we don’t have to change very much about the way we operate.

This is a great advantage since many other companies will be forced to follow our model but in the process of switching from team-based deliveries will inevitably make mistakes we have ironed out years ago.

Local Workers

Leaflet Distribution in a post lockdown London

We also do our best to keep each worker delivering in locally to where they live. This has advantages on many levels.

The distributor knows their local area the best, they save time on travelling and are able to combine work with their home and family life since many of our workers are supporting families.

Minimising public transport usage for our workers by using this approach was originally done to benefit the distributor. Now it has also proven to help us keep them more safe. Sometimes it is inevitable to use a bus or the tube but we minimise this wherever possible.

Leaflet Distribution in post lockdown London will have to allow distributors to work individually, follow social distancing and use PPE at all times.

We at The Private Postman have based our company on most of these principles for years and as such are going to the most reliable distribution partner in London in the coming months and years.

If you would like to book a campaign with us or ask any questions please feel free to get in touch here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.