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Long-term planning in leaflet distribution part 2

In the first part of the multi-part series on long-term planning in leaflet distribution we discussed in general terms the advantage of running a multi-drop campaigns compared to a single quick delivery.

Even though single drop campaigns can be beneficial and for some types of businesses and occasions even preferable in general multiple deliveries should be at least considered when you are planning your advertising strategies.

Let’s talk more about long-term planning in leaflet distribution and how it might be used in specific situations.

Long-term planning in leaflet distribution part 2


Long-term planning in leaflet distribution part 2

If you are planning an event where the numbers of people attending is crucial it is generally a good idea to start planning your leaflet distribution strategies at least 6months ahead of the event date.

Since we at The Private Postman have been in the business of leaflet distribution in London for a while now we are used to regular calls from event organisers asking us whether we can deliver their leaflets a couple days before their event is to start.

This is sometimes due to the fact that organising an event of a larger size is a real logistical challenge. It requires many man-hours and the use of multiple advertising vectors. On top of this endless phone calls with venue providers, security, insurance, customers and more.

The idea of dealing with leaflet distribution can often fall by the wayside in this process and at last minute it is quickly approached with hopes of a good result.

Even though a quick leaflet distribution campaign in a well-selected area can help the attendance of an event it is far from ideal. People in London tend to be busy and plan ahead. Very few people will receive an invitation to an event a couple days in the future and will be able to attend.

People with families and children tend to have busy schedules and younger professionals work weekends and long night all over London. These kinds of customers need more time to plan their schedules and activities.

Long-term planning in leaflet distribution part 2

Who should plan?

Long-term planning in leaflet distribution part 2

As such it is a good idea to talk to an established and professional London based leaflet distribution months ahead of time and leave the planning and execution to them. A company like The Private Postman can even take care of your design, printing and the storage of your leaflets.

These are the elements that generally take up time you can’t spare when planning a busy event in London.

On top of this we can also plan the numbers of drops you should be making leading up to the event in order for people to be regularly reminded of the fact that it is taking place and have time to plan.

Same can be said for selecting the right areas. We at The Private Postman have a proprietary mapping system that allows us to target specific demographics all over London and as such we can advise you where your leaflets should be targeted in great detail.

We hope that this article about long-term planning in leaflet distribution has been helpful. If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a campaign please feel free to get in touch with us here.

You can also listen to some audio about leaflet distribution in London here….

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