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How To Stand Out From The Leaflet Crowd

Having a business in today’s economy is a proud factor for any business owner, big or small, if the business is running, it’s a great achievement. A large factor for businesses success is the distribution and marketing of their brand.

Making your business stand out from the rest of the crowd is difficult, but it isn’t impossible. There are ways to be eye-catching to the consumer base, and leaflets are a great way to achieve this, as traditional marketing still matters. With so much competition surrounding you, no matter where you’re based, you need to make sure your leaflet is memorable.

Here are 6 easy ways to help make your leaflet stand out from the crowd.



It is crucial not to rush into creating the content for your flyer. This is the information that will be used by potential customers to judge your company’s professionalism and value. Firstly, you need to think about what you want your potential customers to know about your product or service.

It is vital that you look through the eyes of your customer and think about what they want included in your flyer.


Begin brainstorming some ideas, it’s helpful to do this with a colleague, employee, friend, or family member. In some instances, it is beneficial to brainstorm with someone who isn’t involved with your company. Tell them about the product and service you’re trying to sell, and any questions they have, try and answer these within your leaflet.

Company Branding

Having taken time setting up a company, you need to make sure your company branding is on key. At the stage of producing paper print, most people would already have created a company brand and logo, if you haven’t, it is a good idea to do so before printing your leaflets.

 leaftlet sizeSize

Having acquired the content, it’s time to think about the size of leaflet you need, ensuring you portray your message clearly and professionally. A beautifully designed flyer will incorporate space and will not include lots of text bundled close together.

If you feel your leaflet will look too cluttered, try increasing the size of the leaflet or reducing some of your content. Here are the standard size of leaflets;

  • A4 – 210 x 297mm
  • A5 – 148 x 210mm (half the size of A4)
  • A6 – 105 x 148mm (half the size of A5)
  • DL – 99 x 210mm (1/3 size of A4)


Another way to stand out from the crowd is by choosing a higher grade of paper. Most takeaway leaflets posted through your door are printed on 135gsm gloss/silk. It doesn’t cost as much as you may think to increase paper weight to 170gsm or even better 250gsm.

A 250gsm flyer gives the feel of a very high-quality leaflet and adds depth to the visual representation.



Customers respond well to photos as they draw the eye and help bring an extra dimension to your printed material. Use photos with interesting angles and perspective, drawing your potential clients to your company using imaginative photos. Low-resolution pixelated images are great for this.

A poor pixelated quality photograph can deter customers from using your services altogether, so it is important you choose the right photos to represent your services.

The design of your leaflet is absolutely crucial to the success of your leaflet distribution campaign. An inadequate leaflet design can seriously undermine the substantial investment you have made in printing and distribution.

Here at The Private Postman, our carefully selected, trained and supervised team are motivated to provide the best overall leafletting service available. Whether it be designing and printing your leaflet, or door to door distribution, The Private Postman is here to help you and your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.