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Leaflet distribution in challenging areas

There are many challenges that any leaflet distribution company has to deal with when delivering leaflets around London. There are areas that are difficult to navigate due to a large number of winding roads and confusing mewses. Other areas pose more difficulties due to the numbers of households that are either in inaccessible buildings with locked gates or large apartment buildings.
There are parts of London with a hilly terrain and a set of twelve stairs to every home. All these issues need to be resolved by anyone attempting deliveries of leaflets anywhere in London.
Here are some of our solutions.

Households in inaccessible buildings

We at The Private Postman automatically exclude businesses, council buildings and inaccessible blocks of flats from our system. Most of our clients do not wish to have their leaflets distributed to local businesses and council housing. The reason why we exclude larger blocks of flats from our system is due to the inconsistencies in delivering to these places. Some buildings of this kind will have the front door locked and impossible to access and others will have a concierge at hand. Our distributors are trained to attempt deliveries and negotiate access whenever possible. Deliveries to these buildings are still very inconsistent though and as a result we do not include them in our distribution numbers. This is done to save you money and give you an accurate idea of exactly how many leaflets can truly be delivered in the area you’ve selected. If a large apartment building has letterboxes that are accessible from the street we deliver every time.

Challenging terrain

One of the often overlooked aspects of leaflet distribution is the fact that some areas of London are physically very difficult to deliver. Places like NW3 with it’s hilly terrain or many areas of West London with large staircases leading to every home can be a true test.
We try to avoid frustrating our distributors and risking the possibility of the quality of deliveries being jeopardised by this. We have made a concerned effort to break up the challenging areas to smaller maps in order to not overload our workers. We also pay close attention to the types of leaflets that are being delivered here in order to minimize issues with weight. On top of this we make sure to pay out bonuses to our workers that complete deliveries in difficult areas.

Confusing layout of roads and streets.

One of the lovely things about Central London is that some parts of it have a very village-like feel. Even in the urban centre there are many mewses and winding roads with quaint and historic houses to be found. This also poses some problems for anyone looking to distribute leaflets here. Distributors can get confused about the places they have already delivered to. They might miss streets or not complete certain winding roads in full because of a confusing layout in which they were built over time. We’ve made sure to take every step to avoid these potential issues. We have spent a considerable amount of time mapping out all London areas in detail. We update these maps and compare our records with the day-to-day situation on the ground. We also train our leaflet distributors on how to keep efficient record of the deliveries made. The Private Postman often recruits people from specific postcodes in order to maximize the level of familiarity with a given part of London. Our distributors are the best trained group of people for the job in the industry.

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  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.