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Does Hand To Hand Leaflet Distribution Work?

Hand to hand leaflet distribution is a very different service to door to door deliveries. It is priced on completely different basis, it will be used in very different situations and generally requires a to be approached in a completely different way.

Hand to hand Leaflet Distribution can be a very effective method of advertising. It is however appropriate only in situations where other delivery methods like door to door wouldn’t work.

Case study

A very good case study we can use to find out how does hand to hand leaflet distribution work would be a healthy lunch company targeting office workers in EC4 on their way to work.

No other distribution method could reach the potential clients this company is looking for with the same level of precision as hand to hand.

In this case we would definitely recommend looking at hand to hand as an effective leaflet distribution strategy.

On the other hand if one is looking to give out flyers to people coming home from work in NW3 we would strongly advise against this strategy. We can reach the homes of these people with door to door deliveries considerably faster and cheaper.

We would recommend you getting in touch with us and discussing your plans with one of our experts before committing to one of these techniques over the other.

When you’ve decided that hand to hand distribution is what you need here are the things that will effect how well your campaign will succeed.
Does Hand To Hand Leaflet Distribution Work?


We need to define the location we are looking to target carefully.

The question can often be phrased in a slightly different way – Does hand to hand leaflet distribution work in my area?

Targeting office workers is a good plan but which specific areas is your company able to reliably service when the campaign is successful?

It is a good idea to run multiple hand to hand campaigns spaced out over a period of time each wave targeting a different area.

This will help you adjust to the increased demand and it is something that we have the logistical ability to supply you with.


The type of service you are looking to advertise will determine not only the location but also the time of day the campaigns should be taking place.

Any effective leaflet distribution strategy needs to take this into consideration. If we stick to our example with office workers in EC4. Is it better if your target customers receive your flyers on their way to work? On their way to lunch?

Or on their way from lunch? As you can imagine this depend largely on the service you are offering.


The quality of design plays a huge role in answering the question of does hand to hand leaflet distribution work? Flyer design for door to door campaigns has some specific elements one needs to look out for.

The way branding is presented or how clear the message of the leaflet is are very specific things one should not overlook. Hand to hand leaflet design is the same in the fact that it has some rules one needs to pay attention to.

For example the usefulness of having an offer or a discount code on a leaflet varies on the situation in the context of door to door.

Some areas are more responsive to these are some are less. In hand to hand however having an offer or discount code on your leaflet is basically absolutely necessary.

We are often looking to initiate an action from the recipient of the leaflet rather than build a brand over a longer period of time.

Hand to hand leaflet distribution can be a very effective leaflet distribution tool when used correctly. If you would like to book a flyer drop with us or just inquire about how they could help your business get in touch with us here.

To book a flyer drop with us or just inquire about how they could help your business get in touch with us here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.