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How to advertise a Yoga studio with flyers?


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It stands to reason that different businesses benefit from different approaches to marketing. If you want to advertise a restaurant you will do so slightly differently to the way you would market an estate agent office.

Yoga studios are very similar to other types of businesses in the health and wellness category but there are still some specifics that one should keep in mind. Let’s have a look at how to advertise a yoga studio with flyers.

The benefits of offline marketing for a Yoga instructor

The great thing about using offline advertising is the fact that you can sidestep the very crowded online channels that a lot of businesses focus on first.

If you are for example using leaflets to advertise your studio you are going to be delivering your flyers directly into the homes of people in your local area and nowhere else.

You are competing only against your local rivals that might be using the same technique and not against everyone else in the world.

You also have complete control over how you present yourself in most offline channels. The way you design your flyers is completely up to you.

The format and size of your flyer is your choice. You can put anything you want on your design.

In the online world the platforms that allow you to advertise often limit how you can advertise. You might find yourself listed next to all of your competition.

This is not the case in the offline world. We can use flyer deliveries as an example again.

If you are using a reputable leaflet distribution partner your flyers will never be delivered together with a company that could be seen as a competitor.

This is something you can’t control in the online world. Meanwhile in the flyer distribution world this is taken as an obvious rule.

Your Yoga studio will never be advertised next to another health & wellness competitor if you use a good distribution company.

You can see more information about the kinds of businesses that we delivery in this sector on our page.

The benefits of online marketing for a Yoga instructor

On the other hand going fully offline is not advisable in the current marketing landscape.

An online presence is a necessity for every Yoga instructor and when handled well it can be very beneficial.

You can access levels of targeting in the online world that are not possible with any offline method.

Targeting only 25-30 year old females that like fitness and live in N1 with custom made creative that is different to your ads targeting 30-35 year old males living in the same postcode is not something you can do outside of social media marketing.

This is a very good article on finding and targetins your social media audiences.

Regularly updating your online presence also clearly shows that your business is active and can instil trust in new customers.

Having the ability to offer online classes in an uncertain economic and political landscape can also be very valuable.

Online marketing is a necessity for a modern B2C business even if your focus is mainly on your specific area of London.

You can see which areas we specialise in on our page devoted to the topic.

Which London areas should I advertise my Yoga studio in?

How well your local area is defined is something that you and your flyer distributor should pay close attention to.

In the case of a yoga studio we at The Private Postman tend to start by looking at which areas are within walking distance of your location.

On top of this we look at transport links which include both public transport as well as roads.

We want to make sure that when many busy professionals might choose to take Yoga classes with you (which includes evenings and weekends) that they can reach your business easily.

There is generally no point in advertising your services to anyone that will need to drive or commute 45 minutes to your location.

Advertising Yoga classes with flyers

The offline advertising method that we specialise in is flyer distribution.

The biggest advantage of leaflets is the ability to reliably get your flyers into every single household within your local area.

There is no skew in demographics, age or anything else. We can get your flyers into every single household in the area you select.

This is something that no other advertising method can offer.

As far as building mindshare for your Yoga studio in your local area there is almost nothing that can touch repeated leaflet drops.

A large number of people still tend to keep the flyers they receive for future reference. We have a whole blog that goes into all the statistics around leaflet distribution, response rates and people’s sentiments about it.

The best way to deliver leaflets for B2C campaigns is door-to-door. This means that your flyers are put through the letterboxes of households in your selected area.

Other methods like hand-to-hand tend to be used more rarely, are more expensive and generally recommended only for very specific types of products.

In door to door campaigns you can have your leaflets delivered on their own or together with two other flyers. You can find more information on Door to Door on our dedicated page.

Delivering multiple leaflets at the same time is called Shared distribution and it is the most common method of delivering.

There is no difference in response rates between Shared and Solo distribution and Shared distribution is considerably cheaper.

As such door to door campaigns using shared delivery are the best way to deliver leaflets for your Yoga business.

Repeated deliveries

From here we tend to plan repeated flyer drops. It is much better practice to deliver to an area of 20,000 households three times in a five month period than targeting an area of 60,000 households once.

You get a much better effect with your flyers this way.

Like many other advertising methods, leaflet distribution benefits from repetition. You never see a TV or a facebook ad only once.

Leaflet distribution however allows for a very good control over how often and how many times you expose your potential clients to your advertising.

Facebook ads, TV ads and magazine ads can have the negative effect of wearing down the people consuming them by overexposure.

If you’ve seen an ad a hundred times you are more likely to be annoyed than inspired than use the services it advertises.

Leaflet distribution allows you to segment your drops in carefully spaced out waves and you can be sure that the locals of your area see your flyers only when you want them to.

As a Yoga studio you should mostly set your campaigns up with repeated deliveries in mind.

Yoga leaflet design

Now that you’ve selected your target area carefully and you know how many flyers you can deliver within your budget you need to make sure that your flyers are delivering your message as they should.

Designing a leaflet is a special discipline in the graphic design world and it is a good idea to use the services of someone with experience.

We at The Private Postman offer free design consultation to all our clients. You can see more information on this on our design and print page.

This means that we can give feedback on the designs our clients come to us with and propose improvements they can make on their end.

We also have our own dedicated design department that can create a new leaflet for you from scratch.

In the last few years leaflet design has mostly been moving towards simplicity. Most flyers focus on using a single high quality image on one side and a short explanation in text on the other.

As such high quality photography and clear branding have become very important.

Having your own professional photos is best but you can also source your images from one of the many online stock photo banks.

Yoga studio website

With so much focus on social media it is easy for many business owners to overlook their website.

This is a mistake. A quality website that includes detailed information your potential clients might want to know is very important.

Especially as a Yoga studio you can include things like a class booking system with a calendar, gift vouchers and more.

Your social media can show people that you are active and that things are happening in your studio but it is difficult to communicate more detailed information in social media posts.

The best place to list your credentials, testimonials, online classes and more is still on your website.

You don’t need to rely purely on driving traffic to your website from google and map searches. All your social media and offline marketing efforts like leaflets can drive people to your site for more information.

For more general information about The Private Postman and how we operate have a look at our homepage.

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