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Leafleting techniques in London part 1

Every business owner in London knows that leaflet distribution is an effective tool for local promotion. This is true for businesses of various sizes from a single self-employed person operation to multi-national chains.

Leaflet distribution however covers a wide range of techniques. These have the same ultimate goal – to get your leaflets to people’s hands. The way this is done can vary thought and some of these techniques can be a bad idea for you type of business.

Let’s have a look at leafleting techniques in London in more detail.

Leafleting techniques in London part 1

Leaving leaflets on the wind shield of a car

This is a leaflet distribution technique that some companies still offer clients. We at The Private Postman strongly believe that this way of distributing leaflets should not be used. No matter your type of business you should not be leaving leaflets on people’s cars.

We are talking about leaflet distribution in London. London is famous for many things but one of the first things people all over the world think of when they hear the word London is rain.

London is a rainy place and with you putting leaflets on people’s wind shields you are creating sticky paper mush that gets stuck to many people’s most expensive possession. Their car.
It’s a terrible idea and it should never be done, especially in London.

Leafleting techniques in London part 1

B-to-B deliveries

The ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London part 1

Leaflets can be delivered to residential addresses but they can also be delivered to businesses. This is one of the more specialised leafleting techniques in London. It can be relatively expensive on per-leaflet basis compared to traditional door-to-door distribution.

When done correctly and in the right places it can bring good results. B-to-B leaflet distribution campaigns in London will however require quite a bit more planning and careful consideration than traditional campaigns focused on delivering to people’s homes.

As such you should always consult your b-to-b leaflet distribution campaigns with an experienced and well established company. They can help you with deciding where your campaign might work and where it might be better to focus on another marketing technique.

Leafleting techniques in London part 1

Hand to hand distribution

The ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London part 1

Hand to hand distribution is based on a group of distributors standing in a busy spot in London (often outside of a tube station) at a particularly busy time of day handing out leaflets to people passing by.

This technique is advisable only for very specific types of businesses and situations. In general delivering leaflets this way is considerably more expensive compared to a traditional door-to-door leaflet distribution campaign.

Unless you are looking to target very specific offices with an offer of delivering office lunches or something similar it is a good idea to move away from hand to hand distribution as it is more expensive, less targeted and take considerably longer.

We hope that this blog about different leafleting techniques in London has been helpful. In the next instalment of this series we will discuss then best leaflet distribution techniques of them all. If you have any questions about leaflet distribution please feel free to get in touch with us here.

You can also listen to some audio about leaflet distribution in London here

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