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Long-term planning in leaflet distribution part 3

In the two previous instalments of this series about long-term planning in leaflet distribution focused on London areas we’ve discussed the benefits of multi-drop campaigns and how long term thinking and planning can help even organisers get higher attendance with less time spent on advertising.

Today we will have a look at how a local London restaurant can employ long-term planning in leaflet distribution and how you can develop mind share where it matters.

Long-term planning in leaflet distribution part 3

A local restaurant

Long-term planning in leaflet distribution part 3

The bread and butter of leaflet distribution for London restaurants are leaflets informing their local area of the fact that they deliver food.

This is especially important in the current climate where restaurant owners and managers can’t be certain whether they will be able to have customers visit their premises and if so what level of capacity they will be allowed to operate.

Regular reminders sent to your local area where your potential customers live that deliveries are available are a must. People in London are busy. They need regular reminders and leaflet distribution is ideal for this.

We’ve discussed what a modern restaurant leaflet should look like at length in previous blogs on this site. The main rule is simplicity. Great good photography is a necessity and the photos that will dominate your leaflets should regularly change.

If you are running a delivery once a month cycling even only 3 designs will help minimise exposure fatigue and you can still print in large numbers for better prices as we will happily store your leaflets to be delivered every three months.

Long-term planning in leaflet distribution part 3

Holidays and events

Long-term planning in leaflet distribution part 3

On top of this you should be planning for any events you have coming up in your restaurant and holidays that might serve as special occasions in relation to food.

Valentine’s day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Passover, Easter and many other holidays might have people looking to visit a food establishment or have a great food delivered to their homes.

As such it is a good idea to plan for these events every years and with enough time before the holiday deliver a themed leaflet with a related offer.

Deliveries are now done even my Michelin star restaurants and famous chefs in order to survive. When combined with an important holiday they can be a great boost for a local restaurant that is otherwise barely keeping afloat during the intermittent lockdowns that have damaged our food service industry so much.

On top of this if you holding a wine tasting event at your restaurant or a themed week focusing on local ingredients and dishes leaflet distribution should be a part of your advertising lead up.

As such you can have regular deliveries informing your local area that you are still in business and ready to serve them great food. Every relevant holiday you can remind them that you can also deliver high quality relevant food for the occasion.

And to top this wine tasting events and themed periods will provide the local with the reassurance that your restaurant is active and connected to the community.

It is hard to over-estimate the importance of long-term planning in leaflet distribution and the positive effects it can have on a local London restaurant.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a campaign please feel free to get in touch with us here.

You can also listen to some audio about leaflet distribution in London here.

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