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The ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London part 2

In the previous instalment of this series we’ve discussed mostly things relating to the restrictions that are still likely to be in place for some time. There are ways of dealing with these in the context of leaflet distribution and we’ve mentioned some of the most important ones.

Now we can talk about techniques and strategies more specific to leaflet distribution and how it can be done. Let’s talk about the ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London.

Leaflet distribution in London has evolved over the last decade quite drastically. This applies to the way it is tracked, the way leaflets are designed but also to how they are delivered and how leaflet distribution campaign look and are planned.

The ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London part 2

Repeated deliveries

The ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London part 2

The biggest game changer in leaflet distribution in London has been the evolution in the effectiveness in the operations and logistical side of the business. Many improvements have been made over the last ten years.

As such we are now able to run campaigns that can deliver your leaflets repeatedly to the same households with very specific rest periods in between each delivery.

This can be reinforced by the fact that you can have your leaflet design tweaked and altered for each delivery round.

This means that you can have people exposed to your leaflets multiple times without developing any exposure fatigue. Repeated exposure is a very important element in marketing and advertising in general. We all know that TV ads, online ads and other medium rely on this.

They also come with an issue though. It is very hard to control the amount of times a person sees a TV ad or even a Google/Facebook ad. Leaflet distribution with repeated deliveries however does not have that problem.

We can carefully plan and control the amount of deliveries/impression and the time periods between them. This allows us to reap the benefits of repeated exposure without the drawbacks. The ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London is going to use repeated deliveries in some form.

The ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London part 2


The ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London part 2

While the deliveries and planning might have gotten more sophisticated the leaflets themselves have gotten simpler over the last decade.

People in London are busy and they will not be reading through complicated leaflets. Your leaflets need to be as simple as possible. This relates to design as well as the format they are printed on.

You want to be delivering one main and one auxiliary message on your leaflet. No more than that.

If you are running a restaurant you can say that you deliver food and that you make great pasta. But that is it. If you also have fantastic fish dishes and you want to show them off use repeated deliveries and change your leaflet for the second round.

Keep your design simple and try not to deviate from a single page A5 of a reasonable thickness.

Anything more complicated is not worth it and could possibly cause issues. If you want to have successful leaflet distribution campaign in London your message and your design need to clear and simple.

We hope that this blog about the ultimate 2021 leafleting strategy in London has been helpful. If you would like to book a campaign or of you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us here.

You can also listen to some audio about leaflet distribution in London here

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