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What is the job of a leaflet distributor like part 2

In the previous instalment of this two part blog series discussing what is the job of a leaflet distributor like in London we spoke about the physical challenges that come with the job and the importance of good training. Today we’re going to explore some elements of leaflet distribution that are specific to The Private Postman.

The Private Postman has been in the leaflet distribution business in London for over a decade. Our MD and founder Mark Redmond is an ex-Royal Mail postman and so are many of our current distributors.

All of this experience combined helps us create the most effective and efficient leaflet distribution system in London. And this works for the benefit of our clients as well as our distributors. Let’s discuss how.

What is the job of a leaflet distributor like part 2

Distribution techniques

What is the job of a leaflet distributor like part 2

They way a distributor moves through his round for the day has a huge impact on how much time it takes for the deliveries to take place. If correct practices are followed you can cut your delivery time by up to 50%. And doing the same amount of work in half the time means that you are making more money per hour of work.

This has nothing to do with working fast, jogging, running or any impractical and silly ideas of this kind. Leaflet distribution in London needs to be done safely and sustainably. No-one can run through Hampstead for hours every day dodging and weaving through little alleyways and jumping two stairs at a time.

You can influence the speed of delivery mostly by careful planning and moving strategically in order to eliminate walking back on yourself. You can be delivering to a new door every ten seconds without running or even rushing.

What is the job of a leaflet distributor like part 2


What is the job of a leaflet distributor like part 2

A leaflet distributor in London should always carry a bottle of water with him or her. The weather in London is unpredictable and as such proper hydration is essential. There are summer days where temperatures can go above 30 degrees and heat stroke is not to be played with.

Having a leaflet distribution job in London can be a great thing but only if you are healthy and avoid injuries.

We also advise our distributors on how to deliver through letterboxes without putting their fingers through the door. We all love dogs as pets but not when they are biting the ends of our fingertips on the other side of the door we are delivering through. Some dogs have nothing better to do than wait at the door for someone’s fingers to make their way through the letterbox and attempt to bite them off.

What is the job of a leaflet distributor like part 2

Distributing locally

At The Private Postman we try to teach our distributors the techniques of leaflet distribution in London and show them what is the job of a leaflet distributor like. At the same time we want to learn from each distributor about their own area of London.

We try to keep deliveries for all our distributors local to their home. This allows the distributor to employ the knowledge of their own area with our techniques. These two things combined can help speed up deliveries, shorted commutes for all distributors and make each delivery round more efficient.

We hope that you now have a better idea about what is the job of a leaflet distributor like. If you have any more questions please feel free to get in touch with us here.

You can also listen to some audio about leaflet distribution in London here..

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