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Leaflet Distribution for Small Companies

Smaller companies require a specific approach from their leaflet distribution company when planning and executing campaigns. We at The Private Postman understand the unique challenges small business deal with and the level to which every pound spend on promotion has to work. Some of the aspects of our service that are especially valuable to smaller local business are
Leaflet Distribution London
Very Detailed Mapping System
Larger companies might not have the ability to concern themselves with every detail of each local area when planning campaigns with millions of leaflets. For a smaller local business attention to detail on this level is crucial. We’ve made sure to focus a considerable amount of energy on mapping each London area and creating smaller, detailed maps that can be used by our clients. In these maps we have excluded all businesses and local authority housing. We also segment these maps by demographics and property type. A large national fast food chain might want to deliver in every households within the M25. A small gardening business however will need to be much more specific with exactly which part of which postcode should be targeted. Our system allows for this.

Targeted repeated deliveries
Many smaller businesses run into difficulties when trying to establish themselves in the minds of all the locals. Sometimes the prime real-estate on the high street has been taken up by larger brands and as a result the locals might not be aware of all the exciting things happening in your restaurant. The only assured way of staying in the minds of everyone in your local area are repeated leaflet drops. Online marketing works but it cannot target every single household in your postcode. Some locals might older and not use technology much or the savvier younger population might be using adblocks negating your advertising efforts. A beautifully designed leaflet delivered through every single residential door in your local area regularly and in an organized manner will guarantee that you stay on every one’s mind.

Design Consultation Services
This is a service we offer to all our clients but is mostly useful to smaller companies. Larger national chains have design departments and set structure when it comes to their advertising materials. We can’t do much to change this. With smaller companies however we can help shape your message and help you hone your design to tailor exactly to your target customer. We provide design analysis with suggestions for improvement to all our clients free of charge but can also arrange for our in-house designer to help you build your design from scratch.

Large Scale Printing Services
We work closely with some of the Europe’s largest printing houses. This puts us in a unique position to offer you prices that are generally accessible only to the big spenders. Since we print large quantities of leaflets with these companies regularly we help negotiate very competitive prices for our smaller customers as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.