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The best areas of London for leaflet distribution Part 4

In our quest to describe the best areas of London for leaflet distribution we are going to have a look at North London today. Geographically these parts of London can be quite distant from the city centre and they can also feel like it.

Many parts of North London are the perfect example of what a London suburb looks like with many green areas, long rows of Victorian era terraced houses lining the streets from both sides and sometimes a village-like atmosphere.

The best areas of London for leaflet distribution Part 4


The best areas of London for leaflet distribution Part 4

We’ll start in one of the most commonly targeted postcodes when it comes to leaflet distribution and also one of the more challenging areas for our distributors.

N6 covers an area of 10,000 deliverable households in Highgate. One of the more beautiful and desirable parts of London with very hilly and many winding roads.

As such it is a perfect example of why a professional leaflet distribution service should be used for deliveries in London. It is very easy for an inexperienced distributor to get lost in N6, walk back on themselves, miss whole streets and get very tired while doing so.

The complex terrain one has to deal with in Highgate when delivering is something we often train our new Private Postmen and women on. Careful planning, knowledge of the terrain and experience in necessary when delivering leaflets in N6.

All of this is however worth it as Highgate can be one of the most responsive areas to leaflet distribution in London.

Any large scale leaflet distribution campaign in North London should include it.

The best areas of London for leaflet distribution Part 4


The best areas of London for leaflet distribution Part 4

If we move further up North from Highgate we’ll find ourselves in the sprawling area of Muswell Hill. N10 is a fairly large postcode with many semi-detached and detached homes with gardens.

It has a large geographical footprint, almost no industrial areas and it still includes only some 14,000 unique deliverable households.

This could give you some idea of what the situation on the ground in N10 is like. A lot of walking is necessary when delivering leaflets and as such it is again best left to professional distributors.

This tends to be the case with most of the best areas of London for leaflet distribution. Challenging terrain or sprawling seemingly never ending streets with one letterbox every twenty meters can be daunting but when approached by a professional can offer amazing ground for advertising.

The best areas of London for leaflet distribution Part 4


To show some diversity in the kinds of areas you might want to be looking when planning your leaflet distribution in North London it might be a good idea to look at N22.

Specifically the Wood Green parts of N22 will show itself to be more dense and urbanised compared to Muswell Hill and Highgate. More commercial areas and even some industrial parts.

With that said it still covers some 16,000 unique deliverable addresses often with young professionals and as such can be an important part of any leaflet distribution campaign looking at North London.

We hope that the 4th instalment of our series about the best areas of London for leaflet distribution has been informative. If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a leaflet distribution campaign please feel free to get in touch with us here.

You can also listen to some audio about leaflet distribution in London here..

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