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B2B Flyer Delivery

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B2B Flyer Delivery

Pamphlet delivery campaigns most often target private households. To be more specific – households in privately owned residential properties.

While deliveries to these homes are going to be the backbone of most flyer campaigns it is possible to target other addresses as well.

B2B flyer delivery is the most common alternative.

Many of the principles that apply to standard residential campaigns are going to apply to B2B deliveries as well.

However there are some specific elements to targeting businesses with pamphlets and we’re going to discuss these today.

B2B Flyer Delivery

The number of flyers

One of the most important differences between traditional pamphlet deliveries and B2B deliveries is the number of flyers delivered.

The number of businesses one can deliver to in most London areas is going to be considerably lower than the number of residential homes.

As a result you can expect your B2B campaigns to be in high hundreds or low thousands of flyers. (Rather than tens or hundreds of thousands for traditional campaigns)

This means that you are going to be printing a smaller number of pamphlets for B2B flyer campaigns.

B2B Flyer Delivery

The time it takes to deliver

While you are delivering fewer leaflets the distance one has to cover between each delivery is going to be longer.

This means that the distributor has to walk further between each business compared to the distances between private residences.

One can make approximately a hundred deliveries on one section of a high street. After that the distributor will have to relocate to a new high street, area or even a different postcode to continue delivering.

This means that delivering a 1,000 leaflets will take considerably longer than what you might expect..

Depending on the areas and types of businesses you are hoping to target, a 1,000 businesses might take a few days for a single distributor to cover.

B2B Flyer Delivery


If a distributor is making a pamphlet delivery to a business where people are present it is a good practice for him/her to explain what they are doing during each delivery.

A polite greeting and a short explanation of what the flyer that is being delivered is about is a part of B2B flyer delivery.

This of course further slows the deliveries down. It also requires a distributor that is presentable and likes to communicate with people.

As a result of this B2B campaigns are a fairly specialised service.

B2B Flyer Delivery

The cost of delivery

Based on what we’ve discussed so far it should be clear that B2B pamphlet delivery is more costly than standard residential deliveries.

Each delivery is going to cost approximately 3-4 times what you pay for your other campaigns.

However with the numbers of deliveries being lower across the board, business to business campaigns don’t have to be overall very expensive.

With 5,000 flyers you can cover a very large area of London when targeting businesses.

The way B2B campaigns costing works is also different. Instead of having a set cost per 1,000 pamphlets delivered you are looking at charges on a per day basis.

In general the price for B2B deliveries will range from £170-£200 per day. The exact number of deliveries will vary based on the areas and businesses you want to target.

B2B Flyer Delivery

Which businesses?

Depending on the services or products you are offering you might want to target different types of businesses.

There are areas like Park Royal or Putney where you can target offices, garages and more industrial businesses.

On the other hand you can focus on areas like West Hampstead, Hampstead, Notting Hill, Richmond or Chiswick to target high end small boutiques and shops.

If you want to target a large number of local businesses without worrying about which niche they operate in, a place like Wembley or Willesden might be ideal.

You might also want to deliver your pamphlets to all of these businesses and areas in a single campaign..

You should consult with your distribution company first and explain to them what you are hoping to achieve with your campaign.

A good company should be able to explain which areas you should be targeting and why. They should also be able to demonstrate this on a well designed mapping system.

B2B Flyer Delivery

Maps for B2B leaflet campaigns

The maps given to you for your business to business campaigns are going to show many small areas with a few hundred leaflets each spread around London.

They are going to be quite a bit different to what you are used to if you run traditional pamphlet delivery campaigns.

Your distribution company should explain why they have selected each area and what is unique about it.

The distributors

As you can see, delivering your flyers to businesses will take more effort from the distributors than focusing on private households.

You want to make sure that for B2B campaigns you select a distribution company that has a good relationship with their workers.

Many pamphlet distribution companies have a high worker turnaround due to hiring students and agency workers.

You should avoid these companies. The competence and attention to detail that is required from each distributor while delivering to businesses is relatively high.

Only people who want to have the job, like doing it and are trustworthy should be making B2B deliveries.

At The Private Postman we specialise in this. A large proportion of our workforce has been with us for years.

Our distributors are ex Royal Mail postmen, creative people from the art world who want to have a steady income and young mums and dads with children.

This makes The Private Postman different to the average company using agency workers turning over half of the workforce every month.

Whether you work with us or another company make sure to ask about their workforce and how long the average distributor stays with the company. This fact should inform your decision on who to work with for your business to business pamphlet delivery.

B2B Flyer Delivery

Formats of your pamphlets

When you are printing your pamphlets for B2B campaigns you can use some of the more exotic formats that are available.

The most common folded formats are

– Single Fold
– Letterfold
– Z Fold
– Open Gate Fold
– Closed Gate Fold
– Double Parallel Fold
– Cross Fold

It is a good idea for you to look at what these look like on a website like this one.

The first impression of receiving the pamphlet is very important in B2B campaigns. A more complicated format with nice paper and creative folding structure can help with your response rates.

B2B Flyer Delivery

Change your design

If you already run B2C campaigns and distribute your flyers directly to people’s homes you want to make sure that you use a separate design for B2B deliveries.

This applies even if the service you are offering is going to be of interest to private households and businesses alike.

There are some subtle and some not so subtle design cues that distinguish a B2C from a B2B pamphlet. It is beyond the scope of this blog to discuss all of these.

You want to make sure to use the services of a professional designer while also consulting with your distribution company about your designs.

Both your designer and distributor can contribute with some very valuable input during this process.

If you work with a company that covers both design and distribution that is even better.
B2B Flyer Delivery


Specialised service

B2B distribution campaigns are a
relatively specialised service that only competent distributors should provide

The Cost

Your distribution company are going to structure the cost of your campaigns on per day basis rather than per leaflet

Fewer Leaflets

Your campaigns will use fewer leaflets compared to residential deliveries


You can use creative formats
for your pamphlets

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  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.