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Leaflet Distribution SW14

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The area of SW14 covers East Sheen and Mortlake. It neighbours on Chiswick in the North, Richmond in the West and Barnes in the East. It’s Southern border is completely covered by Richmond Park.

As such it is very similar in character to it’s neighbours. East Sheen below the South Circular Road has a very village like feel which has attracted rather affluent residents.

It includes the National Tennis Centre, Bank of England Sports Centre, East Sheen Cemetery and as previously mentioned a big part of Richmond Park. It is full of beautiful Georgian buildings and town houses.

It also includes some of the nicest examples of Victorian Terraced houses in London.

The South Circular Road provides a lively feel to SW14. It is full of restaurants, shops, pubs and local schools.

Local Knowledge in SW14

SW14 is one of the postcodes that very much benefits from local knowledge when it comes to leaflet distribution.

Understanding where the affluent areas area is very beneficial for targeting the right clients and knowing which part of the postcode to avoid saves time in distribution which translates to actual saved money for our clients.

Our mapping system is based around this idea and we pay special attention to varied parts of London like SW14. We break down each postcode into smaller areas of approximately 5000 leaflets. We call these areas Groups.

These Groups are generally put together to create a cohesive selection in terms of demographics or types of properties.

These Groups are then coded and organized in a document that we supply to our clients in the process of confirming a campaign.

This allows our clients to easily select the areas then want to target with their leaflets and our experts help them understand what types of households can be found in which group.

All the undeliverable addresses, local authority housing and businesses are automatically excluded from these maps. This allows us to keep only deliverable, quality areas and households in our system which allows us to use the exact amount of leaflets that we need eliminating waste.

The TPP systems

It is rare to receive complaints from residents of the homes we deliver leaflets to. When we do receive a complaint we have procedures in place to deal with most situations.

We automatically contact the complainant and apologize for the inconvenience caused and ask for the exact address of the property.

With this information we can blacklist the specific address from our mapping system and thus make sure that no households that has complained about receiving leaflets is excluded from our system.

This way we can assure our clients that no issues are caused by bothering people that explicitly stated they do not with to receive leaflets or by delivering to serial complainers.

Demographics and Size

SW14 is a relatively small postcode and it is sandwiched between some of the best-known affluent parts of London. Chiswick, Richmond and Barnes are all areas that everyone will think of when planning a leaflet distribution campaign targeting affluent homes in the South-West of London.

This means that SW14 is a fairly overlooked postcodes when it comes to flyer delivery. The households here are not used to the level of leaflet saturation as their neighbours in the above mentioned areas.

Anyone looking to target affluent homes in London should include SW14 on their list of postcodes. There are literally thousands of households here of similar demographic as Richmond that are not being regularly targeted.

We make sure to deliver your leaflets in the best shape possible. We never deliver in the rain and we do not fold your leaflets unless absolutely necessary.

We make sure to not only deliver your leaflets to the right households but also deliver them in the best shape possible. We understand the investment our clients make into the design and print of their leaflets.


The Private Postman is committed to making sure that we help you get the most out of each pound spent on your leaflet.

With that said we also help guide our clients through their design and printing process to make sure they are making the right decisions along the way.

If the leaflet itself does not look right, all our efforts to delivery in a well targeted manned will not produce the results we are looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.