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Leaflet Distribution SW8

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SW8 is a postcode covering the area of South Lamberth and Nine Elms. It neighbours on Pimlico in the North, Battersea in the West, Clapham in the South and Kennington in the East.

It is very much a younger postcode than most we normally deliver to when it comes to demographics. Over 60% of the residents of SW8 are aged 18-44 and more than 20% of households are multi person houses. In other words shared houses.

Over 70% of local residents describe themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors which is quite high. The average income in SW8 is considerably higher then London overall average income.

SW8 is a postcode that in order to be serviced properly needs a very detailed mapping system. It is full of large apartments buildings that are not accessible, council housing and businesses. However, there are also many pockets of affluent Georgian terraced housing and other great areas for leaflet distribution.

The Northern part of SW8 neighbours on the river Themes and goes from Vauxhall all the way to Battersea. The famous Battersea power station or the U.S. Embassy an be found here for example.
There are not many households that are worth targetting with leaflet delivery here. This part of SW8 mainly consists of businesses, large apartment buildings and even some industrial areas.

If we move East past South Lamberth Road we will find one of the areas that we do include in our distribution system. This part of W8 mainly consists of lovely Georgian terraced houses and other larger homes.

There are many stairs to deal with here and as such we make sure that our mapped areas are slightly smaller than usual in order for our distributors to be able to deliver all leaflets in the best shape possible. Some of the neighbourhoods that can be found here are also relatively green compared to other parts of W8. Especially the area around Vauxhall Park.

Leaflet Distribution SW8

Moving West over to South Lamberth we find ourselves in an area with many easy to deliver homes. The architecture here will be quite modern with only occasional apartment blocks.

Another great area for leaflet distribution in W8 is the most Western corner neighbouring on Clapham. In character it is very similar to Clapham in general and other than the large number of stairs to almost each home it is a perfect area for distribution. Many of the houses here are split to multiple flats but our delivery rules take this into consideration.

We normally deliver one leaflet per household. This means that if our distributors see one door bell on a house they deliver a single leaflets. If there are two doorbells, we deliver two leaflets and if there are three or more doorbells on a property we deliver maximum of three leaflets at a time.

This is important to note since delivering larger number of leaflets through a single letterbox is counter productive. We have done extensive testing on the ideal number of leaflets to set as the maximum we deliver and three leaflets have consistently been the best amount. It eliminates the potential for leaflets being wasted while reaching the highest percentage of occupants.

Leaflet Distribution SW8

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  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.