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Leaflet Distribution TW10

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The TW10 postcode covers the Southern part of Richmond, Richmond Hill and Ham. It neighbours on Richmond and Kew in the Nroth, Twickenham in the West, Kingston Upon Thames in the South and East Sheen in the East.

TW10 covers a huge area but a big part of it is Richmond Park.


The percentage of the postcode that is covered with greenery is probably the highest of any postcode in London.

Richmond Park, The Richmond Golf Club and Ham Lands cover over 60% of the area in TW10.


The types of people that tend to live here are very similar to the rest of Richmond. Mostly busy professionals working in the City looking for a more spacious and quiet place to live or people whose professional lives are already based in Richmond.

Richmond is a surprisingly large centre for business and commerce in the area.

People from many of the surroundings postcodes tend to commute here for work almost as often as to Central London. Ham for example is basically a commuter town to Richmond since travelling all the way to the City is a significant journey.

TW10 is not as well connected as lot of the other parts of South West London.

There are no tube or rail stations within it’s borders and thusly the locals have to either drive or use the local buses. Only in the northern part of TW10 the residents have access to Richmond Tube Station and the North Sheen Train Station.

Leaflet Distribution TW10

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill has some of the most stunning views in London and as such it has been a destination for painters for a couple centuries now including J.M.W. Turner.

TW10 is on our regular distribution list when it comes to targetting affluent households in South West London. Our mapping system was designed to deal with challenges like the ones presented in TW10.

Leaflet Distribution TW10


When you encounter a postcode that is not typical in it’s make up and either consists largely of industrial areas, businesses, large apartment complexes or like in this case parks it is important to have a real understanding of the on the ground situation and prepare the distributors for it.

We have mapped the whole TW10 are in details and when we send our distributors here we make sure they understand the type of area they will be working in.

Since the transport connections are not as convenient as other places we make sure to pay our distributors extra for work in TW10.

This helps us make sure that when the extra effort is required to commute for their distribution rounds our workers feel appreciated. We also make sure that they know that extra walking will be required to make the usual number of deliveries.

Even knowing that this is the case upfront rather than finding out at the point of delivery is helpful.

The last point we pay attention to is not overloading our workers. If an area requires all the extra effort mentioned above we try to keep the amount of leaflets needed to be delivered by a single person lower than usual.

All of this allows us to run the best and most efficient campaigns in Richmond and other areas like it.

Numbers of leaflets and households in TW10

GroupsAreaQuantity of leaflets
Group 1 – TW10The Northern area of the postcode4,000
Group 2 – TW10The Southern area of the postcode6,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.