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Leaflet distribution KT1

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The KT1 postcode covers the area of Kingston in South West London. It neighbours on Surbiton in the South. Teddington in the West, Richmond in the North and New Malden in the East.

The Private Postman specializes specifically in London Postal Areas, with that said we have started expanding to other postcodes neighbouring these more traditional delivery areas and KT1 is one of them.

Even though KT1 does not have the same amount of greenery within it’s borders as some of it’s neighbours do it does have some opportunity for the locals to take nice walks around the Hogsmill River.

Athelstan Recreation Ground and the Kingston Football Club are the two main sources of greenery in the postcode.

While it is true that some parts of KT1 do have a pretty strong industrial character Hampton Court Park, Bushy Park, Green Lane Recreation Grounds and Richmond Park are all within walking distance from pretty much any part of the postcode.

The two train stops servicing this area are Hampton Wick and Norbiton. Both of these stations provide the locals with access to the South Western Railway services.

Bushy Park

The North-Western corner of KT1 is located on the opposite side of the river to the rest of the postcode. In it’s character it is very similar to the rest of Teddington. It is also located right next to Bushy Park which automatically moves some of the real estate here into the luxury category.

Kingston Upon Thames

Once we move across the river to the centre of Kington Upon Thames, we will find a good number of larger buildings, businesses and blocks of flats.

We will also find some of the Kington College buildings here also. Due to the nature of most of the buildings here we generally tend to avoid this part of KT1 when delivering.

Most of the time we tend to try to map out even more challenging areas to cherry pick all the deliverable households possible, however in this part of KT1 we found close to no households to target.

Leaflet Distribution KT1

South of Hogsmill River

For these we want to go across the Hogsmill River to the Southern part of the postcode. Here we’ll find more traditional Victorian Terraced homes as well as some blocks of flats with easily accessible letterboxes.

There are also some gated communities here with larger town houses as well here.

The North-Eastern part of KT1 on the opposite side of the Kingston Football Ground becomes even clearer for deliveries. The homes here are mainly smaller terraced homes with an absolutely minimal number of larger buildings and businesses. As such it is very suitable for deliveries.

Even though we often recommend using our shared distribution service in basically all central London Postcodes in areas like KT1 we often lean towards solo distribution.

We do run shared distributions in KT1 occasionally but since our coverage is not as robust here as it is in central London in the interest of keeping deliveries timely and having the flexibility in timings and repeated drops we mostly go for solo distribution here.

This is not an unusual practice and especially areas that are a little more removed from the capital tend to run solo distribution.

Even though it ends up being slightly more expensive than the fully saturated shared distribution in Central London it allows for a good amount of flexibility since there are no other variables to keep in mind. It’s only your leaflets that is being delivered.

Physical paper map with a red pin

Mapping System

As you can see a thorough mapping system is essential when it comes to distribution in an area like KT1. With only a few mistakes during the planning campaign one can waste a considerable amount of leaflets and time.

We at The Private Postman take the mapping of areas and preparation for each distribution campaign very seriously. Thanks to this we can offer the most efficient leaflet delivery service in London.

The way our mapping system operates is as follows. We take a postcode like KT1 and go through each road and street to analyze exactly which areas will be good for leaflet distribution and which areas are not worth delivering flyers to.

From here we create groups of approximately 5000 addresses and households that will be somewhat homogeneous when it comes to the demographics. We take household income, household makeup and type of property into consideration here.

These five thousand leaflet groups are then further divided into smaller 800-1000 household chunks that we call ‘Walks’.

We then code these with a clearly identifiable system like G101A (Group 101 – Walk A) G101B (Group 101 – Walk B)  and file these maps into our system.

When our clients are looking to decide where they want their leafleting campaign to be targeted we send them maps of the relevant areas together with recommendations and an explanation behind the demographics.

These maps are made to be clear, easy to read and understand. After we decide exactly what Maps and Groups we select for the client’s campaign the coding system (G101A etc…) is then used to send the client live updates of where the deliveries are happening. This allows for a great control of the exact locations of your leaflet drop, make communication between The Private Postman and you very straight forward and gives you a very clear understanding of the ground you need to be covering with your flyers to hit your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.