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Leaflet Distribution N2

The most important aspects to keep in mind when planning for leaflet distribution in N2 are

  1. Demographics in N2 are quite diverse
  2. – There are many gardens and larger houses here
  3. – Many young families live here
  4. Repeated drops will be very beneficial here

N2 is one of the London postcodes that really benefits from detailed mapping and local knowledge when it comes to leaflet distribution.

There are multiple local areas that have very specific character and these need to be separated for effective leafleting campaigns. The most affluent parts of N2 are without question Hampstead Garden Suburbs an East Finchley.

Leaflet Distribution N2

Hampstead Garden Suburbs as the name would suggest is a leafy area full of large gardens and houses.

It is one of the most affluent parts of London and includes the area surrounding Hampstead Golf Club.

When looking at Hampstead Garden suburbs or N2 as a whole it is advisable to also include part of NW11 for any comprehensive leafleting campaign.

Bishop’s Avenue nicknamed the billionaires row can also be found in N2.

Number of leaflets in N2

Groups Area Quantity of leaflets
Group 1 – N2 The North-West of N2 4,000
Group 2 – N2 East Finchley 4,000
Group 3 – N2 The Southern part of N2 4,000
Total 12,000


East Finchley is very similar in it’s make up to Hampstead or Temple Fortune. It neighbours on the Temple fortune area at one end and with Highgate on the other.

It also includes part of the area surrounding Highgate Golf Club. East Finchley is slightly different from other part of Finchley.

The area surrounding East Finchley underground station is a busy high road with Restaurants and many options for entertainment.

It include the London’s first purpose-built cinema. It is still in operation and provides some alternative to large cinema chains. The combination of the almost village-like feel of the East Finchley area together with fantastic schools tends to attract young families to this area of N2.

As soon as we move further north from East End Road and Fortis Green the character of this postcode changes slightly.

Physical paper map with a red pin


The density of houses goes up and the size of individual homes comes down a little bit. In other words we move from one of the most affluent areas of London with a street nicknamed Billionaire’s Row to more middle-class neighbourhoods. This distinction is going to be very helpful when planning distribution campaign in N2.

Clever targeting together with repetition are the two main pillars of any effective long-term campaign including leaflet distribution.

We can help with tailoring the design of your leaflets to the targeted area as well as carefully analysing each part of N2 in order to recommend the right roads and neighbourhoods to target.

This is all done to help you save money on printing and delivering leaflets by focusing only on the most desirable areas determined based on the services or products you are offering.

In N2 approximately 50% of the local residents are aged 18-44 with another 30% being aged over 45. Almost two thirds of households in N2 are one-person households or couples with children. These statistic again become very useful once we combine them with deep local knowledge and an effective mapping system.


N2 offers one of the often overlooked flyer distribution opportunities in London. Many companies go to target Highgate and Hampstead without considering N2. Since N2 doesn’t get delivered to as often as the previously mentioned areas it offers a a great penetration and low competition. It also neighbours on some interesting areas (Muswell Hill).


One of the things that we pride ourselves on the most are the individual Private Postmen and women we work with.

We provide them with great training ranging from exactly how to use our mapping system to their advantage to save time while delivering to making sure that they use the right delivering technique to protect them from having their fingers bitten of by dogs on the other side of the door they are putting leaflets through. (As crazy as this sounds, it can actually happen.)

We also make sure to help our distributors to work in areas as local to their home address as possible. This is helpful in a variety of ways. 

On top of that we get to combine our knowledge of North London with the deep understanding of each local area from our distributors, back checkers and mapping team together.


Having our Private Postmen deliver to the same areas regularly helps hugely with saving time, knowing which parts of the postcode to avoid and remember which households might be problematic when delivered to.

Leaflet distribution in London is not all about having as many leaflets delivered in as many places as possible at the same time. There are principles that make every pound spend on leaflet distribution work harder. We use our local knowledge, targeting the right demographics and a clever system of repeating drops to maximize the effectiveness of each leaflet you’ve printed.

Furthermore, our contacts with European print houses can help you create your leaflet at the lowest possible price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.