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Leaflet distribution EN5

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The EN5 postcode covers the area of High Barnet. It neighbours on Cockfosters in the East, Totteridge in the South, Borehamwood in the West and Potters Bar in the North. EN5 is quite far from Central London and is hugged by the M25 and A1 motorways from the North and West respectively.

Even though the distance between many parts of London and High Barnet is quite big the Northern Line runs from High Barnet station through some of the most important transport hubs in the capital and allows easy transportation to almost any part of London.

The New Barnet Station on the other hand allows the locals access to the Great Northern and Thameslink services. Since there is nothing left of London north of EN5 the trains from New Barnet are a great connection to a huge variety of places in Cambridgeshire and further.

The final piece in the public transportation puzzle here are excellent bus services that run through many of the neighbouring postcodes.

High Barnet

High Barnet is a very green area with parks, golf and country clubs on almost every corner. Dyrham Park, Arkley Open Space, Rowley Lane Sports Ground, Whitting Hill Open Space, Old Fold Manor Golf Cluba, King George’s Fields and Hadley Green are only some of the beautiful green spaces that are scattered through the EN5 postcode.

The demographics here are older than the London average. Both the groups over 45 years and 60 years of age are over-represented when compared to the capital as a whole. The other leading demographic group here are the under 18s. This provides some data behind what we already know. EN5 is a family postcode.

It is full of detached, semi-detached and terraced homes with gardens and many couples with children. The average income here is considerably higher then the London average with over 65% of locals describing themselves as associate professionals, professionals, managers or directors.

High Barnet is a brilliant part of London to target for anyone looking to run a leaflet distribution campaign targeting affluent homes in North London with disposable income. The family aspect can also be very helpful and the number of gardens and larger houses provides fertile ground for any company advertising products and service that centre around the household.

Leaflet Distribution EN5

Ducks Island

One of the more whimsically named areas of EN5 is fairly spread out but provides great opportunity for distribution into some semi-detached family homes. Most of the homes in EN5 are affluent family homes with the kind of demographic we at The Private Postman specialise in. There are still some areas within the postcode that include local authority housing and smaller industrial parks.

Out mapping system eliminates these places to make sure that your leaflet distribution campaigns here hit only the specific kind of households you are after. We have also excluded all businesses from our system and larger apartment buildings that do not allow access to any distribution company.

Our distributors are well trained in negotiating access whenever possible but through experience we know which buildings we are not able to get into. We make sure that these are taken out of our figures and maps to make sure to provide you with the most accurate estimates of the numbers of leaflets to cover each part of EN5.

Dancer’s Hill

The EN5 postcode is quite expansive and as such it reaches all the way up to Dancer’s Hill. This is however not an area that we are running any deliveries in. We tend to stick to the more Southern part of the postcode.

One of the most important aspects of leaflet distribution if thorough knowledge of each area that is being distributed in. Some of the more large picture systems we have in place have been explained above.

We however implement some simpler ways of maximizing the knowledge of each London area we service. One of the simplest but often overlooked solutions in our industry is working with people that directly live in each part of London.

Physical paper map with a red pin

We make sure that as many of our Private Postmen and women work as close to their home as possible. This helps us limit the difficulty that each distributor has to battle with while commuting to a distant place in London with leaflets in their trolly and it also allows us to harness their knowledge of the local area around their home.

Since our distributors tend to work the same parts of London repeatedly they can combine our mapping systems with the on the ground knowledge of their  home postcode. This can be incredibly important in many up and coming areas with a large number buildings sites and new developments.

Our distributors can both inform us about these changes of landscape as well as distribute with the knowledge of the terrain in the first place. This way they can make sure to not miss new homes that may not have yet made their way to our mapping system and not to go down dead end streets with no households to deliver to due to a new building site or reconstruction happening.

We also have multiple systems in place ensuring that the quality of our deliveries remains high. This is especially important in areas further from the city centre like EN5. In these more removed areas standard in distribution can sometimes slip due to many factors and knowing that, we make sure to be extra active here. We never make deliveries in the rain and never bend leaflets unless absolutely necessary. (some letterboxes can be very small). On top of this we have backchecking staff on scooters making sure that all leaflets are delivered in the best shape possible.

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  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.