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Leaflet Distribution N1

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The N1 postcode is one of the largest in London both in population and sheer size. It covers areas of King’s Cross, Islington, Pentonville, Hoxton and a part of Shoreditch and Barsnsbury.

It neighbours on N16 (Stoke Newington), N5 (Highbury), N7 (Holloway), WC2, E1 (Whitechapel) and more.

It is located very much in the centre of London and due to it’s size and location it has very varied demographics and types of properties that will vary in their suitability for leaflet distribution.


We’ll find large numbers of business addresses here, shops and inaccessible apartment buildings sometimes with and sometimes without a concierge.

Because of the complexity of the postcode and the huge potential for anyone looking to run a leafleting campaign here it is imperative that your leaflet distribution company has a good understanding of the details of each part of N1.

Our mapping system takes care of this for us. We have mapped out the whole postcode into demographically homogeneous groups of approximately 5000 leaflets and this allows for us to help you plan and target your campaign in a very detailed way.

We skip all commercial, business and inaccessible addresses and bring the number of leaflets needed to cover the area lower than most other companies by eliminating these undeliverable places from our system.

With the rest we can now surgically target demographics, types of households and produce maximum results.

This is a technique that we use in every postcode but sometimes (like in this case) we need to get a little more surgical with our approach. In more difficult parts of North London we also make sure to keep the same distributors delivering similar areas.

This way our workforce can build up individual knowledge and understanding that can be gained only from delivering leaflets on the ground regularly.

As such our distributors end up not missing houses that are slightly tucked away or letterboxes in unusual places. These are mistakes that can sometimes happen with an inexperienced worker in a new challenging areas. We make sure to avoid these.


If we are to generalise the demographics on any level we can say that the residents of N1 tend to be young professionals working in the City.

Half of the local population is between 18-44 years old. A large percentage of households here are single occupancy or multi-adult households with average incomes considerably higher than London’s average.

It’s important to note again that average income means close to nothing in N1 since there will be areas with very well-to-do households and areas with lower income households.

Depending on your target clients we can help you with more detailed targeting when we setup your campaign.

Here is an example of how we might look at individual parts of N1


This is going to be one of those places that hugely benefits from a well designed mapping system. We have taken out the large apartment building and social housing from our system and are targeting only the residential areas with accessible homes.

This leaves us with some amazing areas like Thornhill Square, the roads around Barnard Park or Barnsbury Square Gardens. These are going to be some of the best areas for leaflet distribution in Central London.


on the South side of the postcode is a similar case. There are many large apartment buildings, busy high roads and some social housing here as well.

We have spent large amounts of time analysing this area and devising a mapping system that focuses on some of the nicest parts of Angel and Islington.

Specifically the areas West of Essex Road and Upper Street provide us with great residential areas with very easily accessible homes.

There is a reasonable number of steps to be conquered here for any distributors but our Private Postman are well informed of this in advance and the maps in this area take this into consideration in order to not overload any one Postman with and area that’s too physically demanding to deliver.


are not the best parts of London for leaflet distribution. We would either be battling a lack of residential properties in Shoreditch which is full of busy high roads, restaurants and businesses or large council properties in the New Era Estate area which are basically inaccessible to any leaflet distribution company.

Another parts of N1 that is perfect for leaflet distribution is the area of

Canonbury covers the northern part of the postcode and includes many Georgian terraced houses with younger households with children.

The stairs might again be a challenge but as mentioned before this is something that we always keep in mind to maximize the quality of your deliveries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.