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Leaflet distribution N7

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The N7 postcode covers the are of Holloway. It neighbours on Crouch Hill in the North, Tufnell Park in the West, Highbury in the East and Bransbury in the South.

It is a very well connected area with many ways of commuting both to the city and even outside the capital. It is within a stones throw from King’s Cross St.Pancras which obviously is one of the most important transport hubs in the UK.

Caledonian Road and Holloway Road tube stations are located right in the centre of the postcode. Both of them allow the local residents access to the Piccadilly line that runs all the way from Cockfosters in the North through many important cultural and transport hubs in Central London down to Heathrow Airport in the South Western part of the capital.

Right on the border of the postcode we will also find Caledonian Road & Barnsbury station providing access to the Overground services, Highbury & Islington station on the Victoria Line and Drayton Park Train Station enabling the Great Northern Train services to run through this area.

N7 is not the greenest postcode since it is relatively central. Paradise Park, Caledonian Park, Market Road Garden and St. Mary Magdalene garden are some of the small green areas that can be found within the N7 borders.

For larger parks one would have to venture out a little north of the postcode towards Finsbury Park which is within walking distance of some of the more northern parts of N7 or towards Hampstead Heath which is a short bus ride away.

N7 is a home to the Arsenal Football club and the Emirates Stadium. As such it gets the occasional influx of football fans but thanks to how well connected it is this never becomes an issue.

Leaflet Distribution N7

Holloway can be a challenging area to run a leaflet distribution campaign in. There are many industrial areas and parks that can lead a distributor astray and waste a lot of time during deliveries.
There is also a good number of businesses that shouldn’t be targeted with a traditional leaflet drop and of course some of the larger apartment buildings can also pose a challenge.
As such it is absolutely imperative to have a well thought-out mapping system available whenever ones starts planning or executing a leaflets distribution campaign in N7. We have gone through every single street in the postcode and made sure that we have cherry-picked all the deliverable residential households in the area.

This is very helpful both while having our clients choose exactly where their leaflets should be delivered and for our distributors making deliveries on the ground.

Since they know exactly which roads should be excluded from deliveries, which areas are not part of the distribution and which roads they should spend extra time focusing on in order to not miss any homes they can provide a service that is unmatched in the industry.

We top this off by making sure that some of our distributors live locally and understand the ground that needs to be covered.

Local knowledge is absolutely imperative when it comes to deliveries in places like N7. Even if at any point we do not have any distributors available that live locally we make sure to have some of our Private Postman and Women delivering in N7 regularly to make sure they get a chance to develop a deeper knowledge of the area.

This allows us to then delivery more efficiently and effectively since by the point the distributor has run a few deliveries in the area, worked with our detailed mapping system and planned out his or her route the number of dead ends or areas with impossible to deliver properties that he or she will visit during your campaign is basically zero.

We can run very fast and efficient deliveries this way and make sure that you are not charged for deliveries that can not take place. This combined with the fact that your leaflets will be delivered in the best shape possible and wherever possible not folded will allow for some of the most effective leaflet distribution campaigns possible.

Leaflet Distribution N7

Even though N7 can pose some unique challenges when it comes to leaflet distribution it is still a postcode that shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone looking to make an impact in North London with a leaflet distribution drop.

It neighbours on some of the most desirable areas in London and is very much an up-and coming area when it comes to the demographics. This makes it a great postcode to bolster any leaflet drop looking to take the advantage of both the commonly targeted areas as well as the sometimes overlooked but promising parts of London.

Most of the locals here are on the affluent side of the London income scale and thanks to the fact that it is still not one of the more commonly targeted postcodes it presents a really good opportunity to reach households that are not yet saturated with leaflets.

Most households in the postcodes that companies traditionally focus on when looking at affluent London (NW3 for example) receive a large number of leaflets daily. This makes them more competitive.

We deliver in N7 with the same rules that we apply to all other affluent postcodes. We never deliver in the rain in order to not damage the leaflets. We also never fold leaflets unless we absolutely have to in order to get them through the letterbox.

We also carefully pick times of day for delivery in order to maximize the amount of impressions your flyers receive. These strategies and the fact that N7 is currently under-served will allow for great response to a well planned leafleting campaign.

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  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.