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Leaflet Distribution SW17

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The SW17 postcode covers the area of Tooting. It neighbours on Balham in the North, Streatham in the East, Colliers Wood in the South and Wimbledon in the West.

There are many green spaces accessible for local residents similar to a lot of the postcodes in this part of London. Garrat Park, Garratt Green, Fishponds Playing Fields, Tooting Bec Common, Sir Walter John’s Sports Ground, Wandsworth Common, Figges Marsh and Wandle Meadow Nature Park are some of the green spaces either directly located within the SW17 border or are right on it.


Tooting is very well connected with outer parts of London via many bus routes and the Northern Line running through Tooting Bec and tooting Broadway Tube Stations.

The Tooting Rail Station also provides SW17 with the needed connection to places outside the capital with Southern and Thameslink Line services.

Tooting offers a combination of areas with beautiful Victorian Terraced homes and town houses, busy high streets with countless shops, village-like neighbourhoods with winding streets and even some industrial parks. There is a bit of everything in Tooting.

Such a variety of different feeling areas requires any leaflet distribution company to map out the postcode as carefully as possible.

This allows for the distributors on the ground to be well informed about the conditions they will encounter on the ground.

If done correctly it will also give clients the ability to select the right areas to target with well segmented demographics. Last but not least such a process will exclude all the households and addresses that can’t be delivered to.


Inaccessible gated communities, businesses and local authority housing are all excluded. This provides the most accurate numbers for the amount of deliverable residential addresses in an area.

The North-Western part of SW17 covers the area of Upper tooting. The residential addresses can be found mostly in Victorian Terraced Homes here.

The area is relatively affluent due to the quality of real estate and easy access to both the Tooting Bec Station and some green areas and parks nearby.

A considerable part of this quadrant is also covered by many NHS buildings lining the winding roads north of Streatham Cemetery.

If we move South-West the situation is very similar. There is an even higher number of Victorian terraced homes with well-to-do households.

The proximity to transport links and green areas is very similar as in the area above and thus it provides a comparable demographic make up. St.George’s Hospital and surrounding buildings also cover a large portion of this area.

South East

The South-Eastern part of SW17 provides some of the most fertile ground for leaflet distribution anywhere in London. There are dozens of streets lined with hundreds of easily accessible houses. These range from large detached town-houses in the south to more Victorian terraced housing the more north we move.

The North-Eastern part of SW17 is probably the calmest area in Tooting. The home are again larger and generally detached. The access to Tooting Beck adds to the general relaxed feel of this part of Tooting.

SW17 is one of those London areas that is rather large, spread out and has a variety of demographics living within it’s borders. It can be a challenge to decide how to run a campaign within a postcode of 30,000+ homes with mixed demographics.

Especially in a place like SW17 that is mostly residential with a minimal amount of excluded or impossible to deliver areas and addresses. Our mapping system has been created exactly for this purpose.

Mapping system

The first step for us in creation of the mapping system that we use is to look at a postcode and decide exactly which areas are not to be delivered to. This will include businesses, industrial areas, council properties and large blocks of flats we know we won’t be able to deliver to.

After this we have a look at the official number of households in the area and see the amounts we have excluded to get an approximate number of residents and doors we can deliver through.

After that we start breaking down each postcode to areas of 5000 households with similar demographics.

This process can take a while and through trial and error, practical deliveries on the ground and feedback from our distributors we adjust and hone the exact borders of each 5000 leaflet group.

After a long enough period of adjusting of the mapping system we arrive at a final form of maps that all our clients receive with each order.

At this point we understand the postcode on a very deep level and can provide real guidance to all our clients about any aspect of leaflet distribution in each part of the postcode.

Leaflet Distribution SW17


Even though at first SW17 it can be more challenging to run a leaflet distribution campaign in for an inexperienced company at this point it’s one of our favourite SW postcodes to recommend for great results.

On top of this we make sure to focus on advising you with all the other aspects necessary to run a successful leaflet distribution campaign.

Things like leaflet design, timing of a campaign, correct area selection and the number of repeated drops all play a significant role in the kind of response one can get from a leaflet distribution campaign.

We provide free design consultation to all our clients. In these we make sure to look the the specific aspects of graphic design that are crucial for a leaflet to work from six feet away in the leaflet delivery scenario.

Sometimes even great graphic designers might not have the experience we do in this specific area of design and the input from an expert can be very valuable. We also help our clients pick exactly the time of year that is suitable to advertise their exact services and products.

There are little tricks for targeting families with children when timings their holiday times or affluent clients in central London and aiming at the times of year when they are in their London homes.

We make sure to help you decide exactly when, where and what leaflets should be dropped to help you run the most successful leaflet distribution campaign we can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.