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The SW2 postcode covers the areas of Brixton and Streatham Hill. It neighbours on Clapham in the West, Streatham in the South, Herne Hill in the West and other parts of Brixton in the North.

SW2 doesn’t have too many green spaces but it does neighbour on some of the nicer green areas in South London. Brockwell Park and Brockwell Lido are right at the border of SW2 in the North-East and Tooting Beck common in the South-West.

It is basically divided into four parts by the South Circular Road and Brixton Hill. As such it can also be segmented into these four parts when it comes to leaflet distribution.

North-West of SW2

The North-Western quadrant of SW2 combines two types of properties.

Hard to access flats that are mostly local authority or ex-local authority and Victorian era terraced houses. In our mapping system we have carefully de-selected all the impossible to deliver areas and council housing.

This allows us to run the most cost effective service for you where only residential homes are targetted. The Victorian terraced houses here are very easily accessible without too many challenges in the terrain.

The North-Eastern quadrant of SW2 still mostly covers the area of Brixton but the households here are slightly more affluent compared to the previous area we looked at.

It has some green areas and also neighbours directly on the above mentioned Brockwell Park.

It is full of large Victorian terraced houses. In the most eastern part it does contain a good number of block of flats. These are especially focused around Tulse Hill, lining the whole road.

These are generally not possible to deliver to reliably and as such are excluded from our mapping system as well as the council properties around South Circular Road.

Brixton is a lively part of town with many markets, musical venues and businesses. Brixton market shows of the diversity of the area and famous venues like O2 Academy Brixton can be found here as well.

Brixton is well connected as the Brixton Underground Station has the Victoria Line running through it. This provides amazing connection to Central London as Brixton is only 3 tube stops from Green Park.

Physical paper map with a red pin
Groups Area Quantity of leaflets
Group 1 – SW2 The Northern part of SW2 2,000
Group 2 – SW2 Brockwell Park 2,000
Group 3 – SW2 Tulse Hill 3,500
Group 4 – SW2 The South-Western part of SW2 4,500
Group 5 – SW2 The North-Western part of SW2 4,000
Total 16,000

The Southern part of SW2

The parts of SW2 that are further removed from Brixton Station have a good number of bus lines running through them. Streatham Hill and Tulse Hill Stations also provide the local residents with the access to Southern and Thameslink train services.

The character of the postcode changes a little bit as the South-Western quadrant covers the area of Streatham Hill.

The architecture is distinctively different from other areas of the postcode. The houses are slightly larger and are mostly Victorian or Georgian semi detached or terraced houses with the occasional larger detached home.

The Private Postman leaflet delivery

It is very close to both Streatham Hill train station and Tooting Bec Common. This has predictably had an effect on the property prices here and as such it is the most affluent part of SW2.

Pretty much this whole part of the postcode is easily deliverable and provides a perfect ground for any leaflet distribution campaign looking to target affluent households in South-West London.

We make sure to have as many distributors work in their local areas as possible. This provides benefits on multiple fronts.

The distributors do not have to travel extensive distances to start work which saves time and money to us, the worker and you the customer. On top of that the distributors are happy that they are not wasting time on public transport which helps with the quality of work on a micro level.

It is hard to deny that the are a person will know best is the local area they live in.

When our distributors are delivering leaflets locally to their place of residence this allows them to employ all the local knowledge of a person living in an area and knowing exactly where the businesses we are looking to exclude from our leaflet distribution campaigns are, where the council housing is and even cross check the details on our mapping system which allows us to always keep it updated.

The situation on the ground in a city like London is very dynamic and changes from month-to-month let alone year-to-year.

New buildings are built incredibly fast, council properties are sold and with rising property values local business premises get transformed to residential buildings.

Leaflet distribution relies heavily on local knowledge held by the distributor and high quality overseeing guidance from the Head Office.

We pay extra attention to keeping the communication lines between these two entities open and this allows us to run the most efficient and effective leaflet distribution system in London.

With all that effort our distributors do sometimes need to travel out of their immediate local area. These travel distances are generally kept very reasonable and if any extra travel is necessary the distributor is often compensated for this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes we do. It’s 5,000 leaflets per postcode. If you have less than 5,000, you will be charged for 5,000 anyway – it’s the minimum job rate. We can print 5,000 leaflets from around £90.